Destiny 2 How to Get Finest Matterweave (2024)

Destiny 2 Finest Matterweave

You may have come across a few Finest Matterweaves as you have played throughout Destiny 2 and should have a few in your inventory if you played for some time.

This legendary consumable is mainly used to farm Enhancement Cores, which players need when it comes to upgrading weapons or purchasing other items.

While this consumable is not purchasable or farmable anywhere, it can still be obtained through its basic acquisition method, dismantling.

Where to Get Finest Matterweave?

There is no specific location as to where Finest Matterweave can be found and instead, you can obtain it by simply opening up your inventory and dismantling items there.

Most players will dismantle when they are in town or at Banshee-44 as they will usually make purchases or check the Postmaster for additional gear to dismantle.

How to Get Finest Matterweave?

Finest Matterweave is obtained by chance and will sometimes take a few tries to get which is because they are quite rarer than most consumables.

You will need to dismantle items to get a chance at obtaining Finest Matterweave and just like the other materials that are obtained, you will notice when you get one.

One of the best ways to obtain Finest Matterweave is to dismantle several items after a session of grinding missions.

The more you dismantle, the better your chances and some noticed that better gear such as legendary ones has a better chance to drop them.

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Finest Matterweave Use

When used, the Finest Matterweave will provide you with the Finest Matterweave Buff, which gives a chance for an Enhancement Core to drop when you kill a powerful enemy.

Powerful enemies such as those who have yellow and orange health bars will be able to trigger the effect of this buff.

The effects of the Finest Matterweave Buff will remain until you have obtained an Enhancement Core from killing an enemy.

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