Destiny 2 Learning Light Quest Steps

D2 Learning Light Quest

After previously discovering what remains of Maeve’s ghost, you have started to gain control of the Light and now need to learn how to harness it.

Shaw Han realizes that the Traveler has made a connection with you at this point and suggests that you meditate on the Light.

You will need to find a deeper understanding of what has happened and discover what the Light has brought on to you.

How to Get the Learning Light Quest?

The Learning Light quest is obtained after you collect the remains of Maeve’s ghost during the Schism Mission and is added once you pick them up.

Learning Light Quest StepsLearning Light Quest Info

Step 1: Speak with Shaw Han in The Cosmodrome

After obtaining the remains of Maeve’s ghost, you will need to speak with Shaw Han, who can be found in the Cosmodrome at The Steppes.

You can quickly head to Shaw Han’s location by fast traveling to The Steppes and he will be nearby the drop location.

  • Speak with Shaw Han

Completing this quest step will reward you with a Rare Sniper Rifle.

Step 2: Commune with the Traveler to Learn its Lesson

A waypoint will be marking a location on a cliff where you will need to commune with the Traveler, head over to the spot, and interact with the location.

Step 3: Return to Shaw Han and Tell Him What You Learned

After communing with the Traveler, you will need to head back to Shaw Han and speak with him to report what has happened.

  • Speak with Shaw Han

Step 4: Continue “A Guardian Rises” to Find Someone Who Can Teach You More About Your Light

This step requires that you proceed with completing the A Guardian Rises quest which will eventually take you to The Tower.

It is here that you will meet Ikora Rey during the Advent mission and will be able to speak with her to complete the mission.

Once you meet Ikora Rey, you can speak with her to complete the quest, rewarding you with the Tower Shell Legendary Ghost Shell.

Learning Light Reward

Once you have completed the first objective, you can complete the quest by speaking to the Exo Stranger and she will reward you with the High Albedo Legendary Sidearm.


You have begun your journey to harnessing the Light but there is still much more for you to learn as you become stronger.

Luckily, Ikora Rey will be around to help you harness your power and will play a key role in mastering your different subclasses.

After you have completed the Learning Light quest, you may visit Ikora Rey to unlock abilities for your different subclasses.

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