Destiny 2 Sails of the Shipstealer Week 3 Quest Steps

Sails of the Shipstealer Seasonal Quest

It has been discovered that Eramis has awoken after being trapped during your previous encounter and she is now on the loose with the old crew.

Eramis seems to have plans that go further than the capabilities of House Salvation, which is why she has allied with the old crews.

The burden of figuring out what Eramis is up to and putting a stop to it lies on your shoulders and with the Star Chart and Captain’s Atlas, you have a chance to succeed.

Sails of the Shipstealer Week 3 Quest Steps

Step 19: Visit the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M.

There is a new message waiting for you at the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M. from Mithrax, who will give you a briefing as well as a request.

  • Visit Star Chart

Step 20: Loot Expedition Buried reassure and Defeat Combatants on Nessus

D2 Expedition Nessus Mission

You will need to find more buried treasure during an Expedition and go to Nessus to defeat combatants there.

Combatants during the Expedition Nessus mission will grant additional progress with this quest step.

  • Loot buried treasure in Expedition
  • Defeat 50 combatants on Nessus

Step 21: Complete Pirate Hideout: Tagh’al and Thagh’urn, the Blademasters

D2 Pirate Hideout The Blademasters Mission

The Pirate Hideout deep in the Themis Cluster of Tagh’al and Thagh’urn, the Blademasters has been found and you will need to head over to claim the relic they found.

Step 22: Witness the Conversation in The Ether Tank

Eidos will be speaking to Spider about the past and Mithrax will arrive as well in The Ether Tank within the Eliksni Quarter.

You will need to head over and be present during this conversation.

  • Witness Conversation

Step 23: Visit The Ether Tank Holoprojector in the Eliksni Quarter

The Drifter has taken over for now while Mithrax is dealing with “family business” and will give you a briefing.

  • Visit Holoprojector in Eliksni Quarter

Step 24: Visit Spider in The Ether Tank in the Eliksni Quarter

Spider wants to speak with you and will be waiting in The Ether Tank to let you choose from 3 of his Spider Engrams again.

Head over to The Ether Tank and interact with him to choose one.

  • Visit Spider

Step 25: Check in with Spider in The Ether Tank

After receiving one of Spider’s Engrams, speak with him again to conclude Week 3 of the Sails of the Shipstealer quest.

  • Visit Spider

Step 26: End of Week 3

Mithrax and Eido are studying the relic that you previously recovered from the Blademasters’ Pirate Hideout. 

You will need to give Mithrax and Eido time to study it before they contact you again.

This serves as the end of Sails of the Shipstealer Week 3.

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