Destiny 2: A Guardian Rises Quest

Destiny 2 A Guardian Rises

  • Mission Type: Story
  • Mission Location: Old Russia, Earth
  • Mission Duration: 10 – 15 Minutes

A Guardian Rises is the first quest that you will have active once you start out with a new character in Destiny 2.

You first start out awakening in the presence of a “Ghost” who claims to be your ghost who tells you that you have been dead for a long time.

This mission serves as a tutorial and involves you and your Ghost making a way into the Cosmodrome, a Russian spaceport in Fallen territory.

A Guardian Rises Quest Steps

Step 1: Enter the Cosmodrome

As you awaken, Ghost will give you a bit of information about what is going on and will instruct you to make your way into the Cosmodrome.

You will need to make your way towards a small entrance in the wall across a scrapyard that you have just woken up in.

As you make your way inside you will notice strange sounds and even a Fallen unit making its way through a hole in the structure.

Step 2: Keep Moving

You will need to keep moving deeper into the structure as it is the only way for you to get to the other side as explained by Ghost.

Keep making your way towards the waypoint and your flashlight will turn on as you go into the darker parts of the structure.

Ghost will turn on a switch which provides lighter but also gets the attention of enemies in the area and he will instruct you to grab a nearby rifle which can be found on the right side where a gate opens.

Step 3: Arm Yourself

Grab the rifle leaning on a box next to a pile of bones and make your way towards the waypoint and be cautious as enemies will soon appear.

As you grab the rifle and head towards the waypoint, you will notice the Fallen closely homing in on your location preparing to assault you.

At this point Ghost will talk to you and explain why he brought you back along with some dialogue about your character class.

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Step 4: Survive Going Through the Breach

Your next move is to make it through the breach while using the rifle that you just picked up to defend yourself from oncoming Fallen enemies.

You will encounter enemies along the way and as you proceed further Ghost will give you a tip explaining that there is trouble nearby if your tracker begins to blink. (a sign that there are enemies)

Continue fighting your way towards the exit of the structure and make your way towards the waypoint to exit to the other side.

Along the way there will be a loot cache nearby which Ghost instructs you to open, revealing an energy weapon (Stubborn Oak shotgun) which is added to your inventory.

Step 5: Push Back the Assault

As you exit the structure, you will find yourself in the midst of an ongoing battle as a Fallen raiding party has arrived in the area.

A Fallen Walker will be present in the area along with other troops and you will need to push back the assault by killing enemies.

Other players may appear in the area and will also be fighting the raiding party, allowing you to work together to take down the Fallen Walker and other enemies nearby.

Step 6: Track the Signal

After pushing back the Fallen raiding party, Ghost will detect a friendly signal nearby from Shaw Han claiming that the Vanguard operation has been compromised.

The signal will have interference and Shaw will be unable to hear you over comms which prompts Ghost to instruct you to head over to track his location.

Continue making your way to the waypoint and fight your way through Dock 13 (Fallen are camping inside) and you will eventually reach Shaw’s location.


  • This mission is basically a tutorial on how to play the game and reveals certain story elements which continue to the next missions that you partake in.
  • Take the time to familiarize yourself with your character’s abilities because later on enemies may be harder to kill and faster, making It not the best time to test them.
  • The Fallen Walker is a very durable enemy and you will be facing it in an open world area where other players will be able to attack it as well.
  • You can disable the Fallen Walker by shooting the plating on its legs that have a light on them which opens it up to reveal a weakness, allowing you to deal Precision Damage.


A Guardian Rises is the start of your journey as a Guardian after a long time being searched for by Ghost, who leads you to Shaw Han.

You fight your way through enemies and learn the basics of using your gear and abilities as you make your way through the Cosmodrome.

Shaw Han explains that his fire team went missing and that he is on his own followed by being hesitant on letting you help him out because you are “fresh out of the grave”.

As he realizes your capability as well as your determination to help him out as you answer that you have made it this far already, he agrees and the two of you team up.

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