Destiny 2: Advent Mission

Destiny 2 Advent Mission

  • Mission Type: Story
  • Mission Location: Old Russia, Earth and The Last City.
  • Mission Duration: 10-20 Minutes

After retrieving the Superconductor, you will have to meet up with Shaw to have a quick chat before heading to the Lost City.

Shaw will stay behind and you will bring the Superconductor to the Lost City and finally meet Commander Zavala and the other people who live there.

You will be able to start the mission once you arrive at the Lost City which you may travel to after talking to Shaw Han.

The mission starting point can be found by checking on the map of the Courtyard which you will head to in order to activate it.

Mission Prerequisites

You will need to head back to the campsite in The Steppes to talk to Shaw Han before he instructs you to head to the Lost City to turn in the Superconductor.

Speak with Shaw Han

The Advent mission will become available once you have spoken with Shaw Han at the campsite and you will need to fast travel to the Courtyard in the Last City.

Advent Mission Objectives

1) Talk to Amanda

The first thing you will need to do upon starting the mission is to register your ship as you have just arrived and are a new Guardian.

Follow the waypoint that marks Amanda’s location and speak with her in order to continue with the mission.

2) Find Commander Zavala

Once you have spoken to Amanda Holliday, head over to the next waypoint which will show you the way to Commander Zavala.

You will find yourself blocked by a barrier and will need to wait for Ghost to clear your way since the Superconductor triggers the security.

Speak with Zavala and he will tell you to become familiar with the people around the Lost City who you will meet one by one after receiving a gift he left for you in his office.

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3) Collect Zavala’s Gift

Zavala will have already been told about your great deal of bravery and the efforts you did to retrieve the Superconductor and he will have a gift waiting for you.

Head over to Zavala’s office which is marked by a waypoint and collect the loot containing a Vanguard service weapon from the chest inside his office to continue.

4) Talk to Ikora

After retrieving the gift Zavala left for you, Ghost suggests you head over to meet the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora who is the leader of the Tower’s Warlocks.

You will then make your way to the Bazaar where Ikora Rey will be standing which is once again marked by a waypoint for you to easily find her.

5) Talk to Drifter

Your next objective will be heading over to The Drifter, Rogue Lightbearer who is currently the new replacement for the Hunter Vanguard after the previous leader, Cayde-6 was killed.

A waypoint will be marking his location within the Annex and you may follow it to find him and speak with him.

6) Talk to Lord Shaxx

After talking to The Drifter, Ghost will not say much but a waypoint will be active which points you to Lord Shaxx which shortly prompts Ghost to mention him once you are nearby.

Follow the waypoint and speak with Lord Shaxx and speak with him to retrieve your Triumph System Access and to continue to the next objective.

7) Talk To Banshee-44

After speaking with Lord Shaxx, Ghost will mention that Zavala has asked the two of you to head over and talk to the resident firearms expert, Banshee-44.

Head over to the nearby waypoint marking Banshee-44’s location and speak with him to proceed to your next objective.

8) Talk to Rahool

Finally ending your tour, you will be asked to head over to Master Rahool, the Tower Cryptarch which stands for crypto-archaeologist.

You will find master Rahool nearby to where you spoke with Banshee-44 and receive your Seasons System.

9) Return to Zavala

Ghost will then ask you to head over to Zavala who has already come up with a mission for you to partake in.

Once you head over and finish talking with Zavala, the mission will end and you will be able to explore the area or start your next mission.


  • You can take your time later on to get familiar with the Lost City and meet the other people who live in it.
  • The Triumphs System Access is a claimable item from Lord Shaxx that allows you to unlock the Triumphs game system.
  • Collecting the Seasons System Access from Master Rahool will unlock the Seasons Game System which.
  • Other members of the Lost City will reward you with different gear which can prove helpful as you are starting out in the Destiny 2.


After you have put an effort to safely bring back the Superconductor, you have been welcomed as a Guardian in the lost city.

You should be somewhat familiar with most of the NPCs in the Lost City after finishing this mission but will be able to meet others later on.

As soon as you finish the Advent mission, Zavala will have prepared a new mission for you to carry out which involves combatting the evil Navôta once and for all.

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