Destiny 2 Refracted Lesson Mission Walkthrough

Beyond Light Refracted Lessons

  • Mission Type: Story Mission
  • Mission Location: Lunar Complex
  • Recommended Power Level: 1350

Now that a connection has been made with the Traveler, you will need to commune with it to further gain an understanding of the Light.

You will need to follow its instructions as you enter the rift it has sent you into and make your way through to learn more.

There will be enemies that you face during this journey, and you will need to fight your way through as you begin to gain knowledge.

How to Get Refracted Lesson Mission?

The Refracted Lesson mission becomes available once you are on step 2 of the Learning Light quest, requiring that you complete the mission to proceed with the quest.

Refracted Lesson Mission ObjectivesRefracted Lessons Mission Info

1) A Gift for You

As you begin the mission, there will be a bright spot called a Well of Light and you will need to approach it and interact to meditate.

This will provide you with a subclass aspect.

2) You Will Find My Light

The Traveler wishes for you to find its Light and you will do this by heading to 3 more Well of Light spots and interacting with them.

There will be debris in the area that you will need to destroy to progress to the other Well of Light spots which are marked by waypoints.

3) You Will Get Out

Now that you have assimilated with the Well of Light spots, you will need to exit the complex that you are in.

Follow the waypoint showing you the way out which can be seen on your radar and fight your way past any enemies stopping you.

There will also be traps that you need to get past which you can do by moving at the proper time.

4) You Will Take it Back

Exiting the complex will bring you to the Mothyards and you will need to find 5 more Wells of Light that you need to assimilate with.

Locate each one of them (marked by waypoints) and interact with each one of them to meditate but be sure to clear the areas as there will be enemies nearby.

5) You Will End Them

Fight your way past the enemies that spawn in the area and make your way towards the next waypoint to meditate which will lead you to an underground structure.

6) I Make My Peace

There will be another Well of Light that you need to interact with within the structure, head over to it and meditate.

Enemies will spawn into the area as you meditate and you will need to clear them out, leaving nothing alive within the structure.

7) A Gift for You

A brighter Well of Light will be nearby that you will need to interact with and as you do this, you will gain a subclass fragment.

8) You Will Find My Light

One last Well of Light will be located at the back of where you are, and you will need to interact with it to complete the mission.

Refracted Lesson Reward

During the Refracted Lesson mission, you will obtain a subclass aspect and subclass fragment which are related to your currently equipped subclass. Completing the Refracted Lesson mission will allow you to proceed to step 3 in the Learning Light quest.


  • You can use your grenades to quickly destroy the debris blocking your way in the different areas you go through.
  • You do not have to defeat all the enemies in the open areas and can simply head toward the objectives to complete them.
  • Be careful when you are about to start the meditating process as enemies may attack you during this action.

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