Destiny 2 How To Get Riskrunner & It’s Catalyst in 2024

Destiny 2 Riskrunner (Submachine Gun)Charge your soul and let the electrons sing.

The Riskrunner is a shocking Exotic Submachine Gun that is one of the first weapons new players acquire in Destiny 2.

This Exotic Submachine Gun fires up to 900 rounds per second with a magazine size of 41 rounds before needing to reload.

Nothing beats a group of enemies like a huge volley of rounds that shock them with chain lighting, which is exactly what the Riskrunner does.

How To Get Riskrunner?

Riskrunner is perhaps the first Exotic Weapon that new players obtain as it is a reward for the “A Spark of Hope” quest obtained during its steps.

It is obtained while you follow a tremendous source of power that the Warlocks have detected which leads you to a stash that contains the weapon.

“A Spark of Hope” quest is one of the earliest missions that you will be completing as you start after the Beyond Light update.

Riskrunner Perks

1) Arrowhead Brake (Barrel)

The Riskrunner has a lightly vented barrel.

  • Greatly controls recoil
  • Increases handling speed

2) Extended Mag (Magazine)

TheRiskrunner has a larger magazine size but slower reload speed.

  • Greatly increases magazine size
  • Greatly decreases reload speed

3) Superconductor (Trait)

When Arc Conductor is active, shots fired have the chance to become chain lightning and return ammo.

4) Short-Action Stock (Stock)

The Riskrunner is easier to hold and aim.

  • Greatly increases handling speed

Below we’ve linked to our guides that helps you to get the other Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2

Riskrunner Intrinsic Traits

Arc Conductor

When taking Arc Damage, the Riskrunner becomes more powerful and resists incoming Arc Damage, this is extended when you kill enemies with the Exotic Submachine Gun.

Thanks to Arc Conductor, you can be resistant to Arc Damage and make use of any enemies dealing it to you to overcharge Riskrunner.

Additionally, when Arc Conductor is active, the Superconductor trait becomes active, which causes your shots fired to have a chain lightning effect and return ammo.

How to Get Riskrunner Catalyst?

The Riskrunner Catalyst increses the Riskrunner’s range by 27, which allows it to hit enemies from a further distance.

You will obtain the Riskrunner Catalyst during the “A Spark of Hope” quest, where you obtain the weapon in the first place.

To unlock the Riskrunner Catalyst’s upgrade, you will need to defeat 300 enemies with the Riskrunner as well as 300 more enemies with its Superconductor Chain Lighting.


The Riskrunner is perfect for facing enemies that can cause Arc Damage, which will continuously empower the Exotic Submachine Gun and protect you from the said damage.

With Arc Conductor, it becomes easier to kill enemies and the Superconductor trait allows you to destroy groups effortlessly.

Alone the Riskrunner is already a powerful weapon but with its special traits, this weapon can allow you to easily clear enemies in your way.

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4 thoughts on “Destiny 2 How To Get Riskrunner & It’s Catalyst in 2024”

  1. Is there any way to increase reload speed with risk runner. I have defeated more than 1200 with it but the mods are empty saying to upgrade it to a masterwork. But there is no option. I have the catalyst…at least a good portion of my defeated felt the surge of arc light before disintegration …so it seems that I have it. I will say this my kills in both pve and pvp went drastically up when I upgrades to i9 9th. 32 gb ram and 12gb 3060 mini dual asus for my nuc9 extreme. Night and day. When from 23fps on avg to 115fps on average. I still suck….but I guess now i have nothing to blame it on now. .wow sort of a realiZation… now I think I’m going to cry…..while I do could someone give me some tips on riskrunner..thanks…k

    • Unfortunately it looks like there are only armor mods that increase the reload speed of kinetic and power weapons. Based on what you said, I think you should try out the Osteo Striga, check our Osteo Striga guide here. Continuous shots on an enemy will cause it to become poisoned as well as enemies around it (via a burst) which causes them to loose health. Enemies killed by the poison also erupt and cause the same effect. The bullets also track enemies so as long as you stay aimed at an enemy, especially with precision shots, you can get a lot of kills. Another good thing is that enemies killed by the poison will return ammunition to your magazine and it can even go beyond it maximum capacity, which can get you up to 90-100+ rounds and almost give you the feels of infinite ammo. You’ll love it!

  2. I have obtained the riskrunner, but Dismantled it by accident. Is there a way to require it? Or am I Forever stuck at level four?

    • If you have dismantled certain exotics such as the Riskrunner, you may reacquire them by opening your character menu and selecting collections. Choose Exotic and you will see a menu and select Riskrunner. This should give you the option to reacquire it.

      Riskrunner can be found under Energy weapons. Reacquiring it may cost you 2,500 Glimmer and 20 Legendary Shards.


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