Destiny 2 A Spark of Hope Quest Steps

D2 A Spark of Hope quest

After previously obtaining a superconductor with Shaw Han, you were instructed to go meet Zavala at the Last City.

The superconductor has been analyzed and is believed to be a tremendous source of power, which may be harnessed.

You will need to follow the Vanguard’s instructions on how to discover what potential weapon may come from what you have brought back.

How to Get A Spark of Hope Quest?

A Spark of Hope becomes available once you have completed the New Light campaign, which sets you on a quest to continue where you left off with Shaw Han.

A Spark of Hope Quest StepsD2 A Spark of Hope New Light quest info

Step 1: Return to Zavala in the Tower

Your first task will be to head over to Zavala and you will need to speak with him to inform him of what has been found.

  • Speak with Commander Zavala

Step 2: Claim the completed Guardian Rank 2 Objective: The Vanguard

Once you have reached Guardian Rank 2, you will need to complete and claim The Vanguard from the Guardian Rank menu.

  • Claim The Vanguard

Step 3: Receive your new Guardian Rank at the Tree in the Tower

Now that you have reached a new Guardian Rank, it is time to head over to the Tree at the tower to claim it.

  • Achieve Guardian Rank 2

Step 4: Let Zavala know you’ve reached Guardian Rank 2

Once you are Guardian Rank 2 or higher, you will need to speak to Zavala to inform him about your Guardian Rank, which will allow you to proceed.

  • Speak with Commander Zavala

Step 5: Speak with Ikora Rey

Head over to Ikora Rey, who is at the Bazaar, and speak with her about a frame that has been discovered related to the superconductor that you brought back.

Step 6: Find Devrim Kay in the EDZ

One of Vanguard’s members is set up in the EDZ and you will need to head over to meet with them to see what you can do to help.

Step 7: Reclaim the map fragments by defeating Fallen or looting a Lost Sector chest

You will need to collect map fragments to discover where Cayde may have hidden one of his treasures, which will lead you to the frame.

  • Obtain Map Fragments (Reach 100% progress)

Step 8: Return o Devrim in the EDZ to see if he can help

Now that you have gotten all of the Map Fragments that you need, you will have to speak with Devrim Kay to see if he can figure out where it leads.

  • Speak with Devrim Kay

Step 9: Reclaim the map fragments by defeating Fallen or looting a Lost Sector chest

It looks like Devrim Kay has discovered where Cayde may have hidden the frame, which is within the Cosmodrome wall.

You will need to complete the Risk/Reward mission, which can be found in the EDZ destination menu.

  • Complete the Risk/Reward mission

Step 10: Return to Zavala in the Tower

You have obtained a powerful weapon known as the Riskrunner and may now use it in your future adventures as you fight for the Vanguard.

Zavala will want to hear about your discovery and you should head over to the Last City to speak with him.

  • Speak with Commander Zavala

A Spark of Hope Rewards

After you have completed the Risk/Reward mission during A Spark of Hope, you will be able to keep the Riskrunner Exotic Submachine Gun.

Once you complete the quest, you will be rewarded with an emblem that is related to your character’s class.

The following are rewarded for each of the classes:

  • Titan – Rogue Titan
  • Hunter – Rogue Hunter
  • Warlock – Rogue Warlock


It appears that all the trouble was worth the effort as you were finally able to get the weapon part hidden by Cayde, which ended up allowing you to obtain the Riskrunner.

Now that you have the Riskrunner, you now have a better chance to fight against the enemies you will face in the future.

The battle has only started and you are now equipped with your first of many Exotic Weapons that will help you defeat those who threaten the Last City.

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