Destiny 2 Vexcalibur Expert Authorization Override Quest Steps

D2 Vexcalibur: Expert Authorization Override Quest

Previously you had obtained the Vexcalibur and unlocked its basic override upgrade but there are still more secrets that can be unlocked with it.

The Vexcalibur has been showing signs of something dormant within it has been activated and another upgrade can now be unlocked.

You will once again need to go through the process of preparing it for the next upgrade, which you will then need to unlock by entering the VexNet. 

How to Get Vexcalibur Expert Authorization Override Quest?

The Vexcalibur Expert Authorization Override quest became available during week 3 of Season of Defiance and can be done after completing the previous quest.

Its previous quest was simply known as Vexcalibur Authorization Override, which granted you a basic upgrade to pass through Vex barriers.

Vexcalibur Expert Authorization Override Quest StepsVexcalibur: Expert Authorization Override Seasonal Quest

Step 1: Rapidly Defeat Vex with the Vexcalibur Equipped to Assimilate their Network Protocols

To further unlock the Vexcalibur’s capabilities, you will need to defeat Vex in quick succession to prepare it for the upgrade.

This can be done by going to any location that has Vex enemies and defeating several of them within a short period.

  • Rapidly defeat Vex (Reach 100% progress)

Step 2: Equip the Expert Authorization Override Mod to Vexcalibur

After you have completed rapidly defeating the Vex, you will obtain the Expert Authorization Override mod, which will appear in the Vexcalibur’s menu.

You will need to open the Vexcalibur’s menu and equip this mod to replace the old authorization mod that was previously installed.

  • Equip Expert Authorization Override mod

Entering the Vex Network

Step 3: Unravel One of the Mysteries of Node Override AVALON and Defeat Brakion to Further Diminish its Power.

You will need to once again enter the node.ovrd.AVALON, where you will need to activate at least one of the mysteries within the network.

These can be located within the network and accessed by going through barriers when aiming the Vexcalibur to allow you access through them.

You will need to complete the mission after activating one of the mysteries to complete this quest step.

Step 4: Return to the War Table to Receive an Incoming Transmission

Head back to the War Table in the H.E.L.M. to receive a transmission, which translates that you can now access the true depths of the Vex network.

  • Visit War Table

Vexcalibur Expert Authorization Override Quest Rewards

Completing, Vexcalibur Expert Authorization Override quest will reward you with a Defiant Weapons Engram which is claimed at the War Table.

Additionally, the Expert Authorization Override mod will allow you to destroy invulnerable override nodes within the Node.OVRD.AVALON mission.


The Vexcalibur was a big help in discovering secrets within the Node.OVRD.AVALON mission, allowing you to pass through barriers within the network.

By unlocking the Expert Authorization Override mod, you can now destroy invulnerable nodes, allowing you to access more within the VexNet.

More secrets may be lying ahead and the Vexcalibur is the key to figuring out what else the Vex may be hiding.

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