Destiny 2 Vexcalibur Authorization Override Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur: Authorization Override Quest

After recently obtaining the Vexcalibur from the clutches of the Vex in their very own network, it seems that it has a bonus feature.

To be able to gain more access within the Vex network, you will need Authorization Override to make things easier for you.

To do this, you need to equip the Vexcalibur and use it against the Vex to collect data from them, which will later be used to create the Authorization Override.

How to Get Vexcalibur Authorization Override Quest?

The Vexcalibur Authorization Override quest becomes available from the War Table in the H.E.L.M. once you have completed a quest called The Variable.

The Variable is the quest that is needed for you to obtain the Vexcalibur and a requirement before you can obtain Vexcalibur Authorization Override.

Vexcalibur Authorization Override Quest StepsVexcalibur: Authorization Override Seasonal Quest Info

Step 1: Defeat Vex with Vexcalibur to Assimilate their Network Protocols

You will need to go to areas where you can find Vex and defeat enough to assimilate their network protocols for the Authorization Override mod.

Any location is doable but we found that Perdition in Cadmus Ridge (Europa) was easy as it only took a few runs to complete this.

Both melee and ranged final blows count toward this quest step.

  • Vex Caliber Final Blows (Reach 100% progress)

Step 2: Equip the Basic Authorization Override Mod to Vexcalibur

Once you have defeated enough Vex enemies with the Vexcalibur, you can now equip the Authorization Mod within the Vexcalibur’s menu.

  • Equip mod

Step 3: Return to the War Table to Receive an Incoming Transmission

After you have equipped the mod, head back to the H.E.L.M. and claim the Defiant Engram, which will complete the quest.

  • Visit War Table

Vexcalibur Authorization Override Quest Rewards

Completing the Vexcalibur Authorization Override quest will provide you with the Authorization Override mod, which allows you to pass through Vex barriers.

Additionally, completing the quest will reward you with a Defiant Engram which you can use later on to focus gear of your choosing.


The Vex may have tried to hide this weapon but luckily you were able to get your hands on it, giving you an advantage over them.

Now that you have the Authorization Override mod, you can now pass through Vex barriers to easily progress through certain areas.

The Vexcalibur on its own is a good weapon already but with this kind of advantage, you can accomplish a lot more in less time.

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