Destiny 2 The Variable Quest Steps

Destiny 2 The Variable quest

The Vex seem to have their imprint on most of the planets and one that you recently discovered has led you to explore The Gulch at the EDZ.

This quest begins once you have found such traces and leads you to what may be a hidden network where the Vex have stored a weapon.

You will need to follow the clues to figure out what the Vex has hidden deep within The Gulch and bring it back.

How to Get The Variable Quest?

The Variable is not initiated by talking to any NPC but rather by starting a mission called NODE.OVRD.AVALON, which is referred to as Node Override Avalon by others.

This mission can be started by first heading to The Gulch and finding 6 traces of Vex data within a small amount of time apart from each other.

Once all of the traces have been found, you will need to follow the signs to a nearby cave where a Harpy will allow you to start the mission, which begins The Variable quest.

When you begin the Node OVRD Avalon mission, you will get The Variable quest, which is already on quest step 3.

The Variable Quest StepsD2 The Variable exotic quest info

Step 1: Investigate The Gulch in The EDZ Where Guardians Have Reported Anomalous Objects

Go to The Gulch and look for the 6 traces of Vex data and collect each of them without taking too much time. (30 seconds apart)

  • Investigate digital code

Step 2: Follow The Digital Traces

After you have collected all of the digital codes, you will need to follow the traces which lead you to a nearby cave.

The cave will have a Harpy inside of it that you may speak to, which allows you to begin the Node OVRD Avalon mission.

  • Solve mystery

Step 3: Explore The Vex Network Node in The EDZ And Discover Its Secrets

This quest step begins once you have started the Node OVRD Avalon mission, which requires you to play through the mission and complete it

  • Complete Node OVRD Avalon mission

For a walkthrough on how to complete Node OVRD Avalon, check our guide here.

Step 4: Bring The Object From The Vex Network to The War Table for Analysis

After you have finished exploring the Vex Network, you have brought something back with you and now need to bring it to the War Table.

It is during this quest step that you will complete the quest and receive the Vexcalibur.

The Variable Quest Rewards

Completing, The Variable quest will allow you to collect the Vexcalibur as a reward and after this quest has been finished, you can start the Vexcalibur Authorization Override quest.


Rumors of Vex traces were true and you have discovered the secrets behind it after investigating The Gulch.

The Vex seemed to have hidden a powerful exotic glaive within their network and now you have claimed it as your own.

However, the full potential of this weapon is still unknown until you use it further and completely override it.

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