Destiny 2 Vex Access Code Locations

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive

The Vexcalibur is one of the Exotic Glaive in Destiny 2 that was discovered during the release of Lightfall and Season of Defiance.

Players started to notice traces of the Vex found in the EDZ and began to investigate them after getting hints, which led to the weapon’s discovery.

Its name itself gives a hint that the Vex is behind it and if you are after this weapon, it is not that hard to get, so bring a friend or two.

How To Get The Vexcalibur?

To get the Vexcalibur, you need to start a quest called The Variable, which can be done by following codes that are found in The Gulch in EDZ.

There are a total of 6 Vex codes that need to be found and you have 30 seconds in between each one before you have to start over.

Once you collect all 6 codes within the allotted time, you will be able to track the location of where the quest may be started.

Start the mission that the Harpy gives you, which is called NODE.OVRD.AVALON and The Variable quest will begin, starting at quest step 3.

You will need to complete the Node Override Avalon mission to proceed with the quest and may head to the War Table in the H.E.L.M. to claim the Vexcalibur.

Vex Access Code LocationsVex Access Code Locations

The 6 Vex Access Codes are all located in The Gulch and most of these can be seen from afar, which you can reach by running and jumping.

You can find an access code in the following locations:

  • At the satellite camp near fast travel point
  • Under the bridge near fast travel point
  • Near damaged trees along the road
  • Middle of the pillars near the submerged road
  • A few meters to the right of the tunnel
  • Middle of the signs at the end of The Gulch

Follow The Digital Traces

To find the cave where you can do the OVRD Avalon mission, you will have to first find the digital traces left behind by the Vex.

With the locations already shown above, you simply need to find one of them to begin a timer that resets whenever you find a Digital Trace.

You need to locate all of them before the time runs out and each of these provide part of a code that gives you access to a hidden section in a nearby cave.

Simulated Cave Access 

The simulated cave is actually hidden by the Vex and once you obtain all the Data Traces, you will be able to access it.

This will allow you to unlock the OVRD Avalon mission, which is required for you to obtain the Vexcalibur, which you will use often there.

Once you have the code completed, you will be able to access an area that was sealed off with Vex energy, allowing you to interact with a friendly Harpy.

Node OVRD Avalon Cave LocationNode OVRD Avalon Cave Location

The cave where the Harpy can be found can be accessed easily by following the traces after you have collected all 6 access codes.

If the access codes have not been collected, the secret entrance that leads to the Harpy that gives you the mission will be blocked.

Once all access codes have been collected, there will be red traces that you can follow to find the hidden entrance within a cave.

Start by following the road from where you first arrive after fast traveling to The Gulch and ride until you cross it and reach the trees.

Stop at the area where there is a small entrance (you can also go here from the other side if you keep right) and follow the path until you find the cave.

The cave will be visible once you are near the light that is right outside of it and you can make your way through to find the Harpy after passing through the hidden passage.

The hidden passage will become visible and have traces of Vex energy once you have obtained all of the access codes.

About the Vexcalibur

The Vexcalibur is an Exotic Glaive that provides its user with more defense along with its already capable offensive abilities.

It can be used to grant overshields and fires a spread shot, making it a situational weapon for fighting up close to mid-range.

Aside from being a powerful Exotic Glaive, the Vexcalibur can also be reshaped on Mars to alter its stats and even equip Catalyst mods.

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