How To Get Vexcalibur & Reshape Using Catalyst in Destiny 2

D2 Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive

And they came to a lake fair and broad. “Lo,” said the voice, “yonder is the blade that I spoke of.”

The Vexcalibur is an Exotic Glaive that was discovered in a hidden Vex network and brought back with the Guardian to use in their battles.

This Exotic Glaive fires a spread ranged attack and deals heavy melee damage, capable of instantly killing most enemies.

Focusing more on defense and overpowering its enemies, the Vexcalibur is capable of creating overshields to keep its user safe.

How To Get Vexcalibur?

Vexcalibur is obtained by completing a quest called The Variable, which requires the completion of the Node OVRD Avalon mission.

The quest is started by finding the data traces of the Vex that have been left in The Gulch, collecting all within 30 seconds of each other.

Once all have been collected, you will have to make your way to a cave where a Harpy will give you a mission that will bring up The Variable quest.

The mission is known as NODE.OVRD.AVALON needs to be finished to claim the Vexcalibur from the War Table and finish The Variable quest.

Vexcalibur Weapon Perks

1) Ballistic Tuning (Haft)

Power from the Vexcalibur is diverted from its shield.

  • Greatly increases range
  • Decreases shield duration

2) Extended Mag (Magazine)

The Vexcalibur has a greatly increased magazine size but reloads much slower.

  • Greatly increases magazine size
  • Greatly decreases reload speed
  • Increases airborne effectiveness

3) Perpetual Loophole (Trait)

Additional melee damage is dealt while protected by an overshield and defeating targets with melee final blows with overshields will refresh it.

4) Hand-laid Stock (Stock)

The Vexcalibur is optimized for recoil control.

  • Increases stability

Vexcalibur Intrinsic Traits

M1R Distribution Matrix

The Vexcalibur fires a spread and is equipped with a quick-draining shield but blocking damage with the shield will grant Void shields to both you and nearby allies.

Reshaping Vexcalibur

Once you have extracted the Vexcalibur’s pattern, you will be able to reshape the Exotic Glaive, allowing you to alter its parts to change its stats.

You can modify the Vexcalibur’s Haft, Magazine, Stock and may even equip it with a catalyst mod that you prefer from a choice of 3 different ones.

Take note that to unlock the other options for reshaping, you will need to do more of the Node OVRD Avalon mission.

Vexcalibur Catalyst

You can reshape the Vexcalibur once you unlock it by extracting its pattern and can apply one of the below catalysts to improve the Exotic Glaive.

1) Immovable Refit

Dealing range damage with the Vexcalibur grants an increase in weapon energy while you are stationary with the shield raised.

2) Robber Refit

Melee final blows with the Vexcalibur will reload its magazine from reserves.

3) Feedback Refit

Blocking damage partially reloads the Vexcalibur from its weapon reserves.


The Vexcalibur on its own was already powerful but with the option to reshape the weapon, it can be the perfect killing tool for Guardians.

Its ability to keep you protected makes it good for getting up close and personal with enemies and the ranged attack can deal a lot of damage.

With a choice of 3 different catalysts, you can reshape the weapon for the perfect build to match your playstyle.

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