How to Unlock Loadouts & Create a Build in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Loadouts

With the release of Destiny 2 Lightfall, we were introduced to the new Loadout System, which now allows players to set up their Loadouts to use in different missions.

Players no longer have to go back and forth between their gear to check everything one by one and change what they have equipped.

Now you can swap between your Loadouts for Crucible, Gambit, seasonal activities, and more with the single press of a slot.

What Are Loadouts?

Loadouts or Custom Loadouts are a set of gear that you have set in advance. So, that you can later swap all your gear and subclass into what is placed in a slot.

This allows players to quickly change their weapons, armor, subclass, and more by simply choosing which loadout they want.

With the option of having Loadouts, you can now save time from equipping every piece of gear and setting up your subclass.

How To Unlock Loadouts?

You will start with a few Loadouts at first but as you progress with your Guardian Rank, which also unlocks a lot of other features along the way.

The higher your Guardian Rank, the more Loadout slots that you will have available to set up your gear and subclasses with.

You can easily unlock all the Loadout slots by playing through the game and claiming the challenges in the Guardian Rank rewards to increase your rank.

Creating a Loadout BuildLoadout Build

To make a loadout, you will first need to equip all the gear that you want for the loadout and set up your subclass.

Once you are satisfied with all the gear you have equipped and your subclass is good to go, simply head to Loadouts, which is on the left side of the inventory screen.

Open up the Loadouts menu and select which slot you want to have your gear, subclass, and more saved into the slot.

Loadout Names

Some players may have been confused at first as the Loadout slots have different names such as Stasis, Solar, Strike, and more.

These are only placeholder names and do not affect the subclass that you have equipped, which is merely just to make sure things are less confusing when picking between them.

You can always check each Loadout slot to see what gear and subclass will be equipped before you set it to your current one.

Loadout Viewer

When selecting a Loadout, you can already see what gear and subclass will be used and may even preview this before selecting the loadout.

This allows you to quickly check what weapons and stats you will have once the Loadout has been selected to see how it affects your character.

You will also see notifications if there are problems with your loadout such as if it has invalid mods, which require you to fix the build.


Back then, players would have to sort out their equipment one by one and equip everything while checking how it would affect their stats.

With the addition of custom Loadouts to the game, you can spend less time setting up your gear and more time fighting the enemies.

It is a good idea to prepare your Loadouts in advance so you can quickly switch between them depending on what activities you plan to do.

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