How To Get Awoken Favors in Destiny 2

Awoken Favors

With the arrival of Season of Defiance, we were introduced to a new type of activity, the Defiant Battleground.

This activity proved to be a bit challenging for some Guardians but with the help of Favors, they can get an upper hand.

Favors are a new way for Guardians to cope with the difficulty of the Defiant Battleground activity, depending on which ones they obtain.

What Are Awoken Favors?

Awoken Favors act like buffs that provide certain bonuses to Guardians during any Defiant Battleground activity but these need to be triggered first.

Once Favor has been gained by one Guardian, the whole team will benefit from the buffs, making them more effective.

Favors do have a time limit though but can always be gained again by triggering them during the activity before or after they are gone.

Types of Awoken FavorsSeason of Defiance War Table upgrades

When you first start the Undefeated We Stand quest, you will soon be prompted to obtain your first favor but this requires you to get at least one Favor Attunement.

Favor Attunements define what kind of bonuses you get as well as provide you with a specific way to trigger them when doing the activity.

The following are the Favor Attunements:

  • Exemplar of Justice – Ability final blows have a chance to grant melee ability recharge
  • Exemplar of Grace – Special ammo final blows have a chance to improve mobility
  • Exemplar of Zeal – Heavy ammo final blows have a chance to improve grenade ability recharge

How To Get Awoken Favors?

Awoken Favors may be gained during any of the seasonal activities and these require that you do what is required in the Favor Attunement to activate it.

Once you have dealt a final blow and have met the criteria for a Favor Attunement, there is a chance you will be granted Favor.

This does not always happen but eventually does every once in a while, making it a casual buff for Guardians during an activity.

Queen’s Favor

Each class has access to their type of Unyielding Armor, which all have the Queen’s Favor passive, reducing the number of final blows needed to gain favor.

Equipping multiple types of Unyielding Armor will stack, which increases the chances of getting Queen’s Favor often during Season of Defiance activities.

You can get Unyielding Armor by doing the following:


With Defiant Battlegrounds being the main activity for Season of Defiance, this is a great way for you to farm gear and reach a higher power level.

The addition of Favors to the game makes doing Season of Defiance activities much easier since they benefit the whole team.

It is a good idea to get all the Favor Attunements as soon as possible to guarantee more Favors when doing the activities.

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