What Is the Use of Munitions Psion Antenna in Destiny 2

Fighting enemies in Neomuna

If you have been fighting enemies in Neomuna for some time, you may have encountered an Antenna at some point when exploring.

This is related to one of the activities that you can do in the city, which later rewards you for a quick dash around the area.

Players who are looking to do a little extra in Neomuna should keep an eye out for these as they are a good way to get easy rewards now and then.

What is a Munitions Psion Antenna?Using Munitions Psion Antenna against enemies

The Munitions Psion Antenna is an Antenna dropped by a certain enemy that is used to signal a type of orbital strike.

Players who pick this up will be targeted as the antenna works as the crosshairs for an orbital strike that will always target them.

This antenna needs to be brought to the marked location to destroy Shadow Legion munitions and will reveal a chest that can be opened afterward.

How To Get an Antenna?Fighting with Munitions Psion

If you have been paying close attention to some of the names of the enemies you encounter in the game, you may notice one called a Munitions Psion.

These are carriers of the satellite and will drop them if they have been defeated but watch out, there may be other enemies nearby.

You will most likely encounter more Shadow Legion enemies where the Munitions Psion is as well as where the munitions are located.

Where To Bring Antenna?Marked munitions, Orbital strikes

You will need to pick up the Antenna and bring it to the marked munitions, which will cause the orbital strikes to follow you.

Once you reach the marked location, you will need to interact with the supplies to place the Antenna while also getting away from the spot.

The orbital strikes will destroy the munitions and later reveal a chest that you will be able to access for rewards.

Dying With Antenna

Should you die or run out of time with the Antenna, it is possible that it will despawn and the activity will no longer be available.

There is no need to worry if this happens as there is always a Munitions Psion lurking about and you can try again another time.

Munitions Psion Antenna ChestMunitions Psion Antenna Chest

The chest that is revealed after the supplies are destroyed is similar to the ones you can find while exploring.

Opening one of these chests will reward you with Neomuna Rank, Gear, and Glimmer, which can be different every time.

It’s a good idea to do this quick activity to get rewards often as you may get something rare that will be a good addition to your collection.

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