How to Get Strand Meditations in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Lightfall has introduced a new subclass and players are going nuts over its capabilities but there is still a challenge to making it even better.

While the Strand subclass may be unlocked during the Lightfall campaign, players still need to upgrade it later on.

This is later done if you can farm Strand Meditations, which are essential to further improving your Strand subclass.

Where to Get Strand Meditations?D2 Strand Meditations

Depending on where you are, it is possible to get Strands almost anywhere since there are two methods to getting it which depend on what you prefer.

One would be to be active on Neomuna to get a good amount often or you could simply use strand to defeat enemies, which may not be the best option at first.

The best place to farm Strand Meditations is no doubt in Neomuna since doing activities there is one of the best ways.

How to Get Strand Meditations?

Strand Meditations can be obtained when you use Strand anywhere whenever you use Strand to defeat enemies but the Strand Meditation drop chance is not as high as you would expect.

Farming Strand is best done in Neomuna as the many activities that you can do while exploring have a good chance to provide good amounts of it.

Strand may drop from enemies when killed with Strand damage and these will be visible and need to be picked up.

Doing activities on the other hand will automatically give you the Strand Meditation once the activity has been completed.

Strand Meditations UseD2 Aspects and Fragments

Strand Meditations are solely used for purchasing Aspects and Fragments at The Pouka Pond, which is located in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna.

The amount of Strand Meditations needed depends on what kind of upgrades you want to buy to improve your Strand subclass.

To purchase upgrades, you will need to head to the Hall of Heroes and may browse for what you need when you interact with The Pouka Pond.

Strand Meditations Carry Limit

Collecting Strands Meditations can be a tough job at first and to make things easier, the Strand carry limit has been set to 1,500.

This is more than enough to purchase a few upgrades so that you can go out and farm one or two batches to get the rest.

Once you reach 1,500 Strand Meditation, you will not be able to obtain more unless you use them to make purchases from The Pouka Pond first.

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