Destiny 2 Welcome to the Hall of Heroes Quest Steps

Lightfall Welcome to the Hall of Heroes Quest

After previously attending the ceremony where Rohan was honored, you notice someone speaking to you as you pass by.

Quinn Laghari, the City Archivist, has been watching your progress and thinks that you are someone capable of helping her out.

It looks like her data is in jeopardy and she believes you’re the right choice to solve the problem and it turns out, she was more right than she expected.

How to Get Welcome to the Hall of Heroes Quest?

Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest becomes available once you have completed the Lightfall main quest and have attended the ceremony that follows afterward in the Hall of Heroes.

Welcome to the Hall of Heroes Quest StepsWelcome to the Hall of Heroes quest info

Step 1: Explore the Hall of Heroes Audio Tour

After speaking with Quinn, she has requested that you take a look around with Ghost to see if you can find any information that will be useful to her.

You will need to interact with 8 of the terminals in the area but this does not require you to wait for them and you can simply interact with each one right away.

The terminals will be marked with a waypoint that points you to which one you need to interact with.

  • Find Information (Total of 8)

Step 2: Visit the Damaged Memorials to Learn More About Them

Just around the back of the Hall of Heroes, you will find that there are several damaged memorials and each one of them needs to be interacted with.

The memorials will be marked with a waypoint and you will need to interact with them from right to left when facing them.

  • Scan Ruins (Total of 4)

Step 3: Scan the Remaining Damage Memorial To See What Data Can Be Salvaged

After you have checked out the first four memorials, you will need to interact with the last one to check what data can be found.

To everyone’s surprise, the Strand energy you have repairs it, which later gives Quinn an idea of what you may be able to do to help.

  • Examine Memorial

Step 4: The Archivist Wants to Discuss Your New Use for Strand

It looks like you can do something that the Archivist did not expect and she wants to speak with you about how you can put the power to good use.

Head back to Quinn and speak with her to hear what she has to say, which later finishes the quest and unlocks more quests for later.

  • Visit Archivist

Welcome to the Hall of Heroes Rewards

Completing, Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest will unlock one of the Cloud Strider Records, which allows you to do the Stargazer Quest.


As strange as it may seem, you were contacted by someone who has been watching you for quite some time and has been chosen to do tasks that others cannot.

It looks like your ability to manifest may be of use in more than one way and Quinn Laghari wants to put it to the test.

The City Archivist will now be offering you more quests to do that are related to the archives and later on, you will be well rewarded.

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