Destiny 2 Stargazer Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Stargazer Quest

Quinn Laghari has asked you to help out using your Strand powers to restore the destroyed memorials of Neomuna’s heroes.

To do this, you will need to find the connection they have to the past Cloud Striders, which may be required venturing to unique places in the city.

The first memorial you are restoring belongs to Stargazer, and this requires you to take your first steps into the Terminal Overload activities.

How to Get the Stargazer Quest?

Stargazer quest becomes available as the first amongst the quests for Quinn Laghari after you have completed the Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest.

Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest becomes available after the completion of the Lightfall campaign, which appears after you participate in Rohan’s induction ceremony.

Stargazer Quest StepsStargazer Lightfall quest info

Step 1: Loot the Terminal Overload Reward Chest at the End of the Activity

You will need to begin a Terminal Overload activity and complete it to access the first reward chest that appears at the end.

This is not to be confused with the second chest that requires a Terminal Overload Key as this will only be available later on.

  • Loot chest

Step 2: Defeat the Vex Hydra in Esi Terminal to Obtain a High-Security Passcode

You will need to travel to Esi Terminal, which will be marked by a waypoint if you are tracking the quest and this will lead you to the Vex Hydra.

Defeating the Vex Hydra will cause it to drop a high-security passcode that you will need later on to progress.

  • Obtain high-security passcode

Step 3: Obtain a Terminal Overload Key

A Terminal Overload Key is needed, which can be obtained in various ways as you do certain activities in Neomuna.

To get a Terminal Overload Key, you will need to do public events, loot chests, or complete patrols for a chance to get them to drop.

  • Obtain Terminal Overload Key

Step 4: Use a Key to Open a Terminal Overload Key Chest

With a Terminal Overload Key in hand, you will need to complete another Terminal Overload activity and open the second chest at the end.

  • Open Terminal Overload Key Chest

Restoring memorial which is at the back of Strider’s Gate (Hall of Heroes)

Step 5: Return to the Hall of Heroes to Repair Stargazer’s Memorial

You will need to head back to the Hall of Heroes, which is at the back of Strider’s Gate, and interact with the memorial marked by a waypoint.

  • Restore memorial

Step 6: Return to Quinn to Discuss the Next Steps

After restoring the memorial, you will need to interact with the Archivist to speak with Quinn, which will allow you to complete the quest.

  • Visit Archivist

Stargazer Rewards

Completing the Stargazer quest will reward you with a Prime Engram and afterward, you will be able to normally obtain Terminal Overload Keys.

This also unlocks the daily bounty from Nimbus that will allow you to obtain a Terminal Overload Key from him every day.


While multiple memorials need to be repaired, this task will be less difficult now that you have lent your hand to help.

Stargazer’s memorial has been restored and Quinn seems to be happy that you are making progress, but there is still more to do.

Visiting Quinn after completing this quest will allow you to proceed to restore the next memorial, which will of course have more challenges ahead.

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