Destiny 2 Maelstrom Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Maelstrom Quest

You have previously helped out in the restoration of one of the memorials, which belonged to Stargazer and now another one is to be restored.

The memorial of Maelstrom is next to be restored and Quinn Laghari would appreciate it if you would help her out with this.

You will need to relive some moments that the warrior once went through back during her time defending Neomuna.

How to Get the Maelstrom Quest?

Maelstrom Quest becomes available after you have completed the Stargazer quest, which previously introduced you to the Terminal Overload activity.

This quest involves restoring another memorial just as you did during the Stargazer quest but requires different objectives to progress.

Maelstrom Quest StepsMaelstrom Lightfall quest info

Step 1: Bond With the Strand Sources and Participate in Public Events, Patrols and Loot Resources in the Vex Incursion Zone

There are two steps to completing this quest, which is first completing activities in the area where the Vex Incursion Zone is present.

Secondly, you will need to find the Strand sources, which are glowing green Strang energy that need to be interacted with.

  • Defend Area (Reach 100% progress)
  • Bond with 2 Strand sources

Step 2: Complete the Lost Sector Within the Vex Incursion Zone

This step may change based on where the Vex Incursion Zone is, which requires you complete whichever Lost Sector is in the area.

Each of the areas has a Lost Sector and you can determine which one you need to complete by searching for the Vex Incursion Zone.

  • Complete Lost Sector

Step 3: Return to the Hall of Heroes to Repair Maelstrom’s Memorial

Now that you have completed all of your tasks, it’s time to head back to the Hall of Heroes where you will need to restore Maelstrom’s memorial.

You will need to approach the memorial to the right that is marked by a waypoint and interact with it to restore it.

  • Restore memorial

Step 4: Return to Quinn to Discuss the Next Steps

After you have restored the memorial, you will need to head back to Quinn to discuss what needs to be done next.

  • Visit Archivist

Maelstrom Quest Rewards

Completing the Maelstrom quest will allow you to proceed with the Bluejay quest and upon talking to Quinn, you will receive a Prime Engram.

The Bluejay quest will allow you to continue with the line of quests that the Archivist has for you, later leading you to obtain the Winterbite Exotic Glaive.


Maelstrom was well known as a warrior who protected Neomuna and with her memorial restored, Quinn is now happy.

While two more memorials need to be restored, the progress you have made has brought you one step closer to making the Hall of Heroes better.

There are two more memorials left that need to be repaired and pushing through with both of them will yield a powerful reward in the end.

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