How To Get Winterbite in Destiny 2

Winterbite Destiny 2

“Don’t slip or you’ll hurt yourself. A lot.”

The introduction of Glaives to Destiny 2 changes the lives of a lot of players but now with Winterbite, things have gone to a whole new level.

This Darkness Glaive allows players to make use of Darkness properties to weaken their enemies and deal immense amounts of damage.

Winterbite is an Exotic Glaive that deals more melee damage and slows enemies when it is loaded, making it more of a melee weapon than ranged.

How To Get Winterbite?

You can get Winterbite after you have completed the Strider Exotic Quest, which becomes available from Quinn Laghari in the Hall of Heroes once you have progressed with her other quests.

Winterbite Weapon Perks

1) Supercooled Accelerator (Haft)

Winterbite has been optimized for extended range.

  • Increases range
  • Slightly decreases reload speed
  • Slightly decreases handling speed

2) Alloy Magazine (Magazine)

Winterbite reloads faster when its magazine is empty.

3) Weighted Edge (Trait)

Attacks from the Winterbite deal increased damage and slow targets when loaded with ammo.

4) Tilting At Windmills (Trait)

Blocking damage with your shield increases movement speed while shielding.

Winterbite Intrinsic Traits

Big Frigid Glaive

Allows the Winterbite to fire a large ball of energy that locks onto enemies and freezes them upon coming in contact.

Winterbite Catalyst

The Winterbite does not appear to have any catalysts right now but it may be possible for changes sometime in the future.


Not only is the Winterbite great for offense but it also offers versatility as you can gain a boost in movement speed when shielding.

This makes the Winterbite perfect for rushing in and out of battle as you deal heavy blows and slow your enemies to make them helpless.

Being a Glaive alone is already enough to guarantee high amounts of damage but with its additional traits, Winterbite is a beast in any fight.

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