Destiny 2 Strider Quest Steps

It is time for you to restore the last memorial, which belonged to Strider and this will be the last one in the Hall of Heroes.

Not only will you be going through the last experiences that Strider went through, but you will also discover more about the Vex along the way.

In exchange for your efforts, it looks like you will be getting your hands on a new weapon, Neomuna’s vault that packs a punch.

Destiny 2 Strider Exotic Quest

How to Get the Strider Quest?

The Strider Exotic Quest can be obtained from The Archivist after you have completed the Stargazer, Maelstrom, and Bluejay quests.

These are all related to restoring the memorials in the Hall of Heroes, which Quinn Laghari previously asked for your help with.

Strider Quest StepsStrider Exotic Quest Info

Step 1: Visit The Archivist

Visit Quinn Laghari to accept the Strider quest from her and speak with her about the details regarding what needs to be done.

  • Visit Quin Laghari

Step 2: Spend Keys on a Terminal Overload Key Chest in Each of the Three Different Areas of Neomuna

This is a quest step that needs to be done over 3 days as the rotations of the Vex Incursion Zone change daily.

  • Loot Ahimsa Park chest
  • Loot Zephyr Concourse chest
  • Loot Liming Harbor chest

Step 3: Defeat Shadow Legion Forces in Neomuna to Find Location Data and Search Data Cipher in Ahimsa Park Lost Sector

You will need to defeat Shadow Legion combatants anywhere in Neomuna and afterward complete The Gilded Precept Lost Sector

  • Gather 20 Location Data
  • Find Data Cipher

Step 4: The Archivist Wants To Discuss Your Findings

It appears that the Shadow Legion tracking data is all over Neomuna and Quinn Laghari would like to know more about what you have found.

  • Visit The Archivist

Step 5: Approach Strider’s Memorial to Repair It

Now that you have what you need, it is time for you to head over to Strider’s memorial and repair it with your Strand Energy.

  • Restore memorial

Step 6: Destroy the Hydras and Shut Down the Confluxes at Maya’s Retreat

You will need to head over to Maya’s Retreat and destroy Hydras in the area while also shutting down the Vex confluxes in the area.

Each time you destroy a Hydra, a Vex conflux will appear and you will need to interact with it to shut it down.

This needs to be done multiple times until no Hydras and Vex confluxes remain in the area to halt the Vex operation.

  • Halt Vex Operation

Step 7: The Archivist Has a Reward for You

Now that things have been taken care of, Quinn Laghari would like to reward you for your efforts and will want to speak with you.

  • Visit The Archivist

Strider Quest Rewards

Once the Strider Exotic Quest has been completed, you will be rewarded with the Winterbite Exotic Glaive, which has been taken out of the Neomuna Vault.

The Winterbite is an Exotic Stasis Glaive that fires out projectiles that are capable of freezing enemies it hits.


The Hall of Heroes was initially left with a lot of despair with the destruction of the memorials but things are looking a lot better now that they are fixed.

While the heroes are long gone, they still live on in the memory of those who exist in the Cloud Ark, which the Cloud Striders fight to protect.

After helping out with restoring the memorials, Quinn Laghari thought that it was only fit to reward you with a powerful Exotic Weapon from Neomuna.

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