All Action Figure Locations in Destiny 2

When Destiny 2 Lightfall came out, we were introduced to Neomuna and this place has a lot of secrets, which includes a collection of Neomuna Action Figures.

These are collectible items that can be found in the different areas in Neomuna and will provide players with a good way to get XP, and Neomuna Rank as well as complete a triumph.

To do this, you will have to get all the Action Figures and place them where they belong, which we also mention later.

How To Find Action Figures?

You can find Action Figures by exploring Neomuna and paying attention whenever a tracker appears when you are nearby certain objects.

These are well hidden and it may take some time for you to find all of them but to help you out, we have prepared a list of every Action Figure location.

Sometimes you will be able to pick the Action Figure up right away but other times may require that you complete a puzzle or that you defeat enemies.

All Action Figure Locations

1) Ahimsa Park Action Figure


Make your way to Ahimsa Park and go inside the building at the center which is like a dome and you will notice that there is a small entrance under the stairs.

Go inside the entrance made of shining ore and go to the very end, where you will find one of the Action Figures on the ground.

2) Typhon Imperator Action Figure

Make your way toward the Typhon Imperator and proceed going inside until you reach the last area where you will need to interact with the shelves.

You will need to interact with the shelf on the right side when you enter by looking at the bowl, which then requires you to follow the Vex traces until the Action Figure is revealed.

3) Liming Harbor Action Figure

After fast traveling to Liming Harbor, head towards the building on your right and enter it to make your way to the front desk.

If you have already cleared this area, the Action Figure will be on the table. If not, you will need to clear out enemies after interacting with the desk.

4) Radiosonde Action Figure

Head to the Radiosonde and make your way to the Cloud Ark terminal just as you did in the Breakneck mission to find another Action Figure.

Once you have entered the room, there will be a pattern across the terminal that you need to shoot in order until all lights are activated, which reveals the Action Figure.

5) Maya’s Retreat Action Figure

You will need to head over to Maya’s Retreat and go inside the caverns to light 3 of the blue flames scattered across the whole area.

Once you reach the third flame, lighting it will cause an Action Figure to appear beside it which you can now claim.

6) Zephyr Concourse Action Figure

Head to the Zephyr Concourse starting from Strider’s Gate and once you are in the area, continue going left until you reach the bar.

Interact with the device at the bar to cause enemies to appear and once you have defeated the Malignant Wyvern, an Action Figure will appear at the bar.

7) Esi Terminal Action Figure

Head to the Esi Terminal and once you are through, take a left followed by a right and another left going into a bar.

Go into the small room at the end and interact with the sink on the left, which will cause Blooms to appear which you must deliver to the marked sink to make the Action Figure appear.

8) Irkalla Complex Action Figure

Head to the Irkalla Complex and make your way to the side where you can jump up towards the outer wall where there are destroyed turrets.

Go to each of the tips of each turret and an object will appear that you must shoot for each turret, which reveals an Action Figured on the third one.

9) Striders’ Gate Action Figure

For the last Action Figure, you will need to head to the shooting gallery arcade at the bottom of Strider’s Gate to the right.

From here you will need to activate the arcade machine and shoot all the batteries before time is up to reveal an Action Figure when you get back.

How To Place Action Figures

To place Action Figures, you will need to head to the arcade room where the shooting gallery can be found and interact with the different spaces in the area.

Interacting will allow you to put one Action Figure down and there are 9 slots in total, meaning that every piece you collect can be placed.

Completely placing all of the Action Figures in the 9 slots around the room will reward you with the They’re Not Just Dolls Triumph.

Action Figures Triumph

The Action Figures triumph, known as They’re Not Just Dolls is a Neomuna Triumph that can be found in the World Section in Neomuna Triumphs.

Under the World section, it will be in the Secrets menu and will reward you with 90 points when all Action Figures have been placed.


The Action Figures may take some time to find but this is rewarding since you get XP, Neomuna Rank, and more for picking up each one.

Once you have obtained them all, it is best to turn them in to get more XP to boost your Seasonal Rank to level up more.

The Action Figures are some of the hardest secrets to find but luckily these do not change locations and can be found in the same spots we have shown.

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