RE4 Remake Power Puzzles (Freezer, Waste Disposal & Dissection)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Power Puzzle

While you are searching for Ashley and even after you have found her, there will be certain Power puzzles that you will stumble upon.

Each of these has a screen and a visual representation of the power that is being supplied to an area, which needs to be fixed.

These will show the paths of electricity and Leon will need to align them properly to make sure that all power has been properly directed.

How To Solve Power Puzzles?

To solve Power puzzles, you will need to first interact with the power terminal and check the route of the power being supplied.

In the top left, you will see how many power nodes need to have power supplied and these are represented by a plus sign.

You will need to start adjusting the routes for each of the layers until all of the lines from the power source reach all the power nodes.

Once all the power lines have been aligned with nodes, you will need to adjust the slider to power and press confirm to finish the puzzle.

1) Dissection Power Puzzle Solution (Chapter 13)

Dissection Power Calibration Puzzle in chapter 13

Above is the Power Calibration solution to the Dissection room, which you need to open up to get the Keycard used to grant you access to certain locations.

Upon entering the Dissection Room after solving the puzzle, you can get the Keycard but beware, a Regenderator will be waiting for you in the other room.

2) Freezer Power Puzzle Solution (Chapter 13)

Freezer Power Calibration Puzzle in chapter 13

The Freezer room has another Power Puzzle that you need to solve, which opens up the door next to it.

Within the small room that has just opened, you will be able to obtain the LE 5 Submachine Gun, which can have the Biosensor Scope attached to it later.

3) Waste Disposal Puzzle Solution (Chapter 14)

Waste Disposal Power Calibration Puzzle in chapter 14

Later in Chapter 14, you will come across another Power puzzle in the Waste Disposal room which needs to be completed if you are to progress.

This will open up a gate that lets you head over to part of the Cargo Depot where you need to take a lift to get to the summit.


Solving the Calibration Puzzles is not that hard if you check the routes properly and it is best to start from the power source and adjust the pieces as you go along.

You can rotate the pieces as many times as you want and leaving the puzzle will not reset it but it’s fine since you can always redo it.

Only by completing the Freezer Power Puzzle, will you be able to get the LE 5 Submachine Gun, which is a good upgrade from the TMP.

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