RE4 Remake SG-09 R (Exclusive Upgrade & Worth It?)

The SG-09 R is a custom handgun made by Kendo precisely to suit Leon Kennedy’s performance and is his weapon of choice when heading out on missions.

This handgun is the starting weapon that Leon has when he first begins Resident Evil 4 Remake and can later be upgraded into a more powerful weapon.

Despite its lacking during the earlier parts of the game, it later becomes exceptionally strong with the addition of an increased critical rate.

Resident Evil 4 Remake SG-09 R (Handgun)

SG-09 R Upgrade Stats


Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Upgrade Cost

Power / 18K / 36K / 51K
Ammo Capacity1012141618

4K / 6K / 9K / 12K

Reload Speed / 6K / 9K / 12K
Rate of Fire11.11.191.331.52

7K / 9K / 14K / 18K

Exclusive Upgrade

Increases critical rate by 5x


SG-09 R Attachments

You can equip the SG-09 R handgun with a Laser Sight attachment, which is meant to improve its accuracy by changing the crosshair to a red dot.

SG-09 R Exclusive Upgrade

After upgrading the SG-09 R, this handgun will have a higher chance to deal with critical hits when shooting enemies, improving the damage it can do.

Aiming for enemy weak spots while also dealing with critical hits will instantly stagger them, allowing you to do melee attacks.

Aside from being able to stagger enemies, you can instantly pop an enemy’s head with a single shot when the weapon deals a critical hit on a headshot.

SG-09 R Handgun Location

The SG-09 R is not obtained anywhere else other than at the start of the game in Chapter 1, which becomes available to use once you encounter your first killable enemy.

This takes place within the Hunter’s Lodge after Leon has found the body of a dead police officer and heads back to encounter the villager.

How To Get SG-09 R?SG-09 R is ready to use

Being Leon’s standard weapon, the SG-09 R is already in his inventory and can be used once you encounter the villager with the snapped neck in the Hunter’s Lodge.

From here on you will be able to use the SG-09 R and later on upgrade it or switch to a more preferred handgun if you choose to do so.

Using the SG-09 R

Laser Scope Attachment

Leon is shooting a village using SG-09 R

The SG-09 R is a formidable weapon once it has been upgraded and with the addition of the Laser Sight attachment, it becomes easier to use.

This will help you focus better when aiming as it shows the precise area where your bullets will hit, making it easier to target weak spots.

Is the SG-09 R Worth it?

The SG-09 R may be Leon’s standard weapon but once it has been upgraded it can deal a lot of damage, which makes it a good weapon to have around.

When compared to the other handguns in the game, the SG-09 R may be a little bit weaker but later on its exclusive upgrade makes it very powerful.

Depending on how you play, the SG-09 R can be a main weapon when engaging enemies or simply used as a backup weapon.

VerdictSG-09 R is Leon’s basic handgun

While the SG-09 R may appear to be a simple weapon as it is Leon’s basic handgun, it can deal a lot of damage to enemies when upgraded and used right.

This weapon is usually swapped with the Sentinel Nine, which is included in the Deluxe Edition or the DLC pack and serves as a stronger weapon.

With the SG-09 R handgun’s ability to deal with critical hits often, it is great for initiating melee attacks to knock enemies back and make space to move around.

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