Resident 4 Remake Chapter 1 Walkthrough

After getting a ride from the local police, Leon steps out of the car after one of the officers goes missing, who previously just had to relieve himself.

He will need to first see what has happened to the office while the other officer has decided to wait in the vehicle until he gets back.

Leon now has to follow the path that the officer took and investigate what may have happened further, where he later stumbles upon a town.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 1 Walkthrough

See What’s Taking So Long

From where Chapter 1 starts, follow the path and you will come across a path blocked by barbed wire, and can get around from the right side.

Make your way through the path and you will find the remains of an animal that you can examine or may continue moving forward.

As you continue making your way through the path, you will be blocked off by more barbwire and will need to crouch to get through.

At the end of the path, there will be a hunter’s lodge and you will need to head inside by interacting with the door, which makes Leon look around before going inside.

To the right of where you are, there will be a door that leads you to a room where you can find a Crude Charm that you can examine.

You will need to rotate the Crude Charm to see the words on the back that translate to “Judgement is Nigh” written on the cloth.

Exit the room that you just came out of and head straight to the end and make a turn right since the door at the end is locked and needs a key.

Go through the door on the right and a cutscene will play where Leon tries to talk to what appears to be a villager who later attacks him.

Leon will knock the villager out during the cutscene and you will need to grab the Hunter’s Lodge Key to open the door that you skipped on your way to the room.

Interact with the locked door to bring up the key items menu and select the Hunter’s Lodge Key to open up the door.

Once the door is open, make your way downstairs into the cellar and go to the end where there will be curtains blocking the way.

Interact with the curtains and another cutscene will begin where Leon finds the dead body of the officer that went missing.

The radio will go off and you will hear the other officer shouting for help, suggesting that something may have happened to him.

Escape From the Hunter’s Lodge

After the cutscene, you will need to head back from where you first entered and get out of the hunter’s lodge, but Leon hears a strange noise while heading back.

The villager will have followed you down the stairs even though his neck is already broken and will try to attack you.

You will need to kill the villager with your weapon by shooting him or using a melee attack if he manages to grab you.

Once you have killed the villager, you will notice several villagers at the end of the lodge but you can avoid them by going to the end and turning right.

Behind the door, there will be stairs that lead up and once you go up, there will be a cutscene where Leon contacts Hunnigan.

While Leon is talking to Hunnigan, more villages burst through the door, which leads to him jumping out of the window.

Strangely the villagers do not follow Leon and the cutscene ends where you continue towards a new path behind the hunter’s lodge.

Head for the Lake

You will need to continue making your way towards a bridge and cross it, where you will later find your very first typewriter room.

This room will allow you to save your progress, access your storage and customize your case while you are safe from enemies.

Once you are done in the typewriter room, head out of the other door and continue making your way along the path until you find an abandoned house.

Head out of the house to an abandoned truck and you will be attacked by two villagers, who you can shoot from a distance before they get near you.

Keep walking across the path but make sure to keep an eye out for the bear trap as this will damage you and stop you from moving until removed.

There will be another building nearby where a villager is waiting inside to ambush you but you should be able to easily kill him.

A Red Herb, Handgun Ammo, and Flash Grenade will be in the building and you might want to grab these before continuing down the path.

As you go down the path, you will come across a gate that you can open by interacting with it, which will reveal the Village Square.

Approach the marked locations with the Binoculars symbol to view the Village Square and you will see that the villagers have taken the other office, who they begin to burn alive.

Head towards the Village Square and you will be able to decide if you want to attack them upfront or be a bit stealthy at first.

Fight Them Off

After you have been noticed by the villagers, they will swarm you and you will need to fight them off for a short amount of time.

After less than 2 minutes have passed a cutscene will play where a Chainsaw Villager arrives, and it would be best if you avoided him.

Once it has been around 3 minutes you will hear a bell and shortly after, the villagers will leave you alone as a cutscene begins.

During this encounter, you can head inside the building next to the tower (windmill) which can be barricaded by moving some of the objects near windows.

A shotgun is also on the second floor as well as Grenade and some Shotgun Ammo that can help you survive the attack.

The cutscene shows all the villagers dropping their weapons and heading for the nearby church, which seems to have saved Leon.

Head for the Lake

Leon and Hunnigan will talk again and she instructs him to head towards the path near the windmill, which is where you are currently standing.

Before going to the windmill, you may want to loot the place first as there are a lot of items that have dropped from enemies and that can be picked up.

The house next to the windmill has a W-870 (Pump-Action Shotgun) that is displayed in a way, which can be taken.

Once you are ready to leave the Village Square, head north and you will need to make your way past a gate that you can open.

As you continue, you will find yourself on a farm where there will be a few villagers that you may kill by using stealth or you could just blast your way through the area.

You will need to make your way to the gate at the end which will be locked and to the right side of it, there will be a door that leads to its mechanism.

You will need to climb up the ladder but don’t forget to grab the Yellow Herb as it can be used later to increase your max health.

Once you are up the ladder you will see the mechanism is missing a gear and you will need to find it nearby by first going through the damaged wall.

This will allow you to go to the locked building next to it and you may enter by going through the window, where you will need to jump down to get the Wooden Cog.

There will be a Destroy the Blue Medallions request in the area, which will reward you with 3x Spinel if you find and destroy all of them.

Keep in mind that near the well with a small windmill, there is a bell that you can shoot to get a Pearl Pendant (treasure) that can be sold later.

Once you jump down, the blocked door will be smashed by a Brute, who will begin to attack you but this guy is slow and can be stunned with headshots and you can run up to stab it.

Your other option would be to run but there will also be other villagers that you need to watch out for as they will also attack you after your encounter with the Brute.

After dealing with the commotion, head to the table where you dropped down and pick up the Wooden Cog to bring it back to the mechanism.

You will need to interact with the gate mechanism to place the Wooden Cog and pull the lever to open up the gate and continue going through.

Once you are through the gate, you will need to cross the bridge and go right where a wagon is blocking the way.

Head to the side of the wagon that is marked and interact with it to push it to the side, allowing you to continue.

As you continue making your way down the path, you will be attacked by villagers, who blow up a bridge above you that deals a lot of damage.

More villagers will arrive on another bridge and one will be running towards you from behind as they attempt to throw hatchets at you from a distance.

Fight off the enemies and after they have been dealt with, you can safely continue by following the path to the right.

There will be another villager that attacks you and you will need to fight past them until you reach a tunnel that you must go through.

Once you are through the tunnel, there will be villagers in a Lakeside Settlement and before you run into the area, you should disarm one of the tripwire traps in the shed.

There will be a bear trap at the other open side of the shed that you should avoid or else you might get blown up by one of the villagers.

Villagers will come to attack you and another one will be tossing dynamite at you from above, which makes it important to stay out of their range while fighting the others.

After clearing out the village, continue making your way into the nearby house where you can hear banging noises coming from.

You will need to destroy the lock on the door to get inside, which can be done by shooting it so that you can continue to investigate the weird noise.

Inside you will come across a picture of a man and his child, whose identities will alter and be revealed after you progress.

You will need to move a nearby shelf to unblock a doorway, which is where you will find a villager trying to get through a hatch.

There will be a Grenade on the shelf at the end of the room which you can take by opening it after killing the villager.

Open the hatch so that you can jump down and interact with the body bag that is moving and a cutscene will begin.

During the cutscene, you meet someone named Luis Serra, but things are cut short as you are knocked out by a large man.

The large man injects you with a parasite that is later revealed as the Las Plagas and Chapter 1 will be complete.

Mentionable Loot in Chapter 1

  • Yellow Herb behind the ladder in the gate building
  • W-870 Shotgun in building next to windmill
  • Flagon (Treasure) below gate mechanism building
  • Pearl Pendant (Treasure) rotating over well


Leon’s investigation changed from what turned out to be a search for a missing daughter to fighting a band of ravenous cult members.

Just as he was making progress and seemed to have met a possible ally, it looked like a stronger enemy was waiting for him.

With Leon knocked out, something has been injected into him and he may need to find out what it is before it’s too late.

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