RE4 Remake Riot Gun (Exclusive Upgrade, Location & Worth It?)

When it comes to shotguns in Resident Evil 4, the Riot Gun is well known for being one of the strongest around when fully upgraded.

This weapon rivals the Striker in certain ways and is capable of dealing an insane amount of damage to enemies up close to mid-range.

Being a semi-automatic weapon, the Riot Gun can be fired faster than the standard shotgun and reloaded quickly when needed.

Riot Gun Upgrade Stats


Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Upgrade Cost


6.489.611.212.820K / 35K / 50K / 65K
Ammo Capacity7891012

10K / 12K / 14K / 16K

Reload Speed

1234610K / 12K / 14K / 16K
Rate of Fire0.750.80.880.981.1

10K / 11K / 12K / 13K

Exclusive Upgrade

Increases power by 1.5x


Riot Gun Exclusive Upgrade

The Riot Gun’s exclusive upgrade increases its power by 1.5x and this allows it to reach 19.2 when the shotgun has been fully upgraded.

This is a huge bonus and deals damage similar to a weaker magnum that is capable of killing enemies easily with one or two shots.

While this weapon does not have a large amount of ammo, the damage it deals is enough to get rid of almost any enemy in the game that isn’t a boss.

How To Get Riot Gun?

Once you reach Chapter 6, the Riot Gun will be available at the first Merchant that you visit and will continuously be in stock until purchased for 28,000 Pesetas.

This weapon will still be available in the other chapters and will remain there unless you purchase or sell it, which you can still buy back later if this happens.

Is Riot Gun Worth it?

If you want to blow the heads of your enemies or knock a bunch of bad guys down with a few shots, the Riot Gun is worth it.

The damage it deals is already enough to take out a mutated Plagas enemy and if there are tougher enemies, they can easily be dealt with.

It has a good fire rate and its ammo capacity can be increased, making it one of the best late-game weapons you can get your hands on.

Riot Gun vs Striker

When comparing the Riot Gun or Striker against each other, there are two major differences, which are ammo capacity and damage.

The Striker provides a fast rate of fire and a lot of ammo capacity, while the Riot Gun can deal more damage once fully upgraded.

If you are looking to deal a lot of damage, the Riot Gun is the best shotgun for you but if you want a good amount of damage and want to fire endlessly at enemies, Striker is for you.


Shotguns are well known in Resident Evil for blowing up zombie heads but in Resident Evil 4 Remake, there are other uses.

These are great for dealing high amounts of damage or for knocking enemies down to buy you some time to relocate.

The Riot Gun has made its mark in the original Resident Evil 4 game and continues to be one of the strongest weapons you can get but you may need a bunch of Pesetas for it.

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