Best Weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake

In the Resident Evil 4 Remake, you get to collect a bunch of weapons that Leon is more than capable of handling when in a fight with different enemies.

There is however the question of which weapons are the best and players will always have their preferences be it either based on when you get them or how powerful they are.

Some players tend to just use weapons because they feel good to use and to help you out in deciding we have prepared a list of what we consider to be the best weapons.

How Do We Determine What The Best Guns Are?

Some would consider that the weapons you get in the later parts of the game are best because that is when they arrive and would be considered higher-tier ones.

Others will say that the ones that have the best states such as power are better but for use, we consider the best weapons to be efficient ones.

This means that you won’t have trouble fighting your way out of a large group of enemies or you won’t get jumped easily if an enemy attacks you out of nowhere.

Best Weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake

1) Sentinel Nine (Best Handgun)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Sentinel Nine (Handgun)

The Sentinel Nine may not be as powerful as most of the handguns in the game but its other stats make it great for dealing with lesser enemies.

Since this weapon can have the Laser Sight attachment equipped, it makes it easier to aim at enemies when you need to quickly stagger them.

The SG-09 R is the runner-up to this weapon and these are chosen not only because of their stats but also because of the 5x Critical Rate when their Exclusive Upgrade is purchased.

2) Riot Gun (Best Shotgun)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Riot Gun (Shotgun)

When it comes to the best shotgun, the Striker is seemingly the best choice for some players because of the quick fire rate and massive ammo capacity.

The thing is, you will not be getting a lot of ammo all the time and it is best to conserve ammo when you can and use it when needed.

Since the Riot Gun can be upgraded to the point where it deals more damage than the Striker with its Exclusive Upgrade, it surpasses the weapon in damage and has decent stats.

3) LE 5 (Best Submachine Gun)

The LE 5 is by far the best Submachine Gun you can get in the game, rivaling the TMP in many ways but being better when it comes to accuracy.

The LE 5 already has a stock unlike the TMP and can be equipped with the Biosensor Scope, making it a good option against Regenerators and hidden enemies.

Its Exclusive Upgrade allows its bullets to penetrate up to 5 enemies, making it also a good choice when killing Regenerators and enemies that are in line with each other.

4) Stingray (Best Rifle)

Some professional players will choose the SR M1903 over this weapon because of the sheer damage it can do when its Exclusive Upgrade has been purchased.

The thing is though, you won’t need that much damage with a slow rifle since you have a magnum later.

Your best bet for a rifle is the Stingray because it can deal a lot of damage from a distance in a single shot, which can help conserve ammo and pick off distant enemies. 

5) Broken Butterfly (Best Magnum)

The Killer 7 does a lot of damage but when it comes to the Magnum, all your shots will count because Magnum Ammo is expensive.

This is why the Broken Butterfly is considered to be the best weapon for us, but we would mostly go for the Killer 7 if it were not for the ammo problem.

While the Killer7 has a 5x Critical Rate when its Exclusive Upgrade is purchased, the Broken Butterfly guarantees 40.5 power when fully upgraded, making it a stable pick.

6) Primal Knife (Best Knife)

Although Krauser’s Fighting Knife would deal more damage and look way cooler than the Primal Knife, we still went with the choice that gives us an indestructible blade.

The Primal Knife is great for getting out of situations where enemies can kill you up close and since it cannot break, you never need to spend Pesetas or worry about having no knife.

Its damage is efficient enough to kill certain enemies, but the most important thing is to have a knife that can always protect you.

7) Bolt Thrower (Best Special Weapon)

RE4 Remake Bolt Thrower (Crossbow)

There are not any special weapons in the game aside from the Bolt Thrower unless you consider the Infinite Rocket Launcher in this list.

The Bolt Thrower is a good weapon to have in the early game since you can pick up the ammo that you use and later can set up traps for enemies.

The exploding mines will use up bolts later, but it is still a fun weapon to have on you when playing the game.


While some players will disagree with our list, everyone has their preferences but if you consider what is needed to get an S+ rank in the main story, these weapons do perfectly.

Remember these weapons are the best when you play the game, do a speedrun, and more (without cheats and accessories) so that is something to think about.

While we all have our own choices when it comes to weapons, it is best to just play with what feels comfortable for you and enjoy the game.

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