RE4 Remake Matilda (Exclusive Upgrade & Worth It?)

Matilda is one of the more memorable weapons that players may have experienced if they first played the original game and it remains to be a favorite.

It is best known for its ability to fire a lot of rounds within a small amount of time, making it capable of dealing heaps of damage in seconds.

Its damage is higher than some of the other handguns that you can get and later on, its ammo capacity becomes larger with an exclusive upgrade.

Matilda Upgrade Stats


Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Upgrade Cost

Power / 26K / 43K / 62K
Ammo Capacity1824272730

10K / 12K / 14K / 16K

Reload Speed / 9K / 10K / 11K
Rate of Fire0.9611.161.331.63

10K / 13K / 17K / 22K

Exclusive Upgrade

Increases ammo capacity by 2x


Matilda Exclusive Upgrade

With Matilda’s exclusive upgrade, you can double its ammo capacity, which gives you a total of 60 rounds for the handgun.

This makes it almost as handy as a Submachine Gun, especially if you have equipped the weapon’s stock to give it burst-fire capability.

Matilda Attachments

You can further enhance Matilda by equipping it with the Matilda Stock, which provides it with more precision and the ability to fire 3 shots consecutively.

How To Get Matilda?

Matilda can be purchased later once you progress to Chapter 8 and can be found in the Trade menu, which requires you to purchase the handgun for 10 Spinels.

Matilda Handgun Location

You can purchase Matilda with Spinels wherever you can find the Merchant once you have reached Chapter 8 and it will be available in his wares until purchased.

Is Matilda worth it?

Turning a handgun into a Submachine Gun is worth the trouble and this is because it can cause a lot of mayhem for your enemies.

The only downside is that you can consume a lot of ammo if you tend to get trigger-happy with Matilda but if you have a lot to spare, you can go nuts.

Since the Matilda can be upgraded further, it can become an excellent endgame weapon that you can use to take out bosses.


The Matilda is the only handgun in the game that offers an insane amount of ammo capacity along with the fastest rate of fire.

It can be used to easily stagger enemies and may even end up killing them if it has been fully upgraded to its full potential.

Players who tend to use the Matilda with accurate shots can make the most out of it when it comes to situations where they face tougher enemies.

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