RE4 Remake Red9 (Exclusive Upgrade, Location & Worth It?)

When it comes to handguns, the Red9 is mostly known for being able to deal a large amount of damage and can later be configured to have a stock.

This weapon is later seen being used by Luis Serra, which proves to be quite the weapon when it comes to blowing off the heads of your enemies.

This handgun is one of the earliest and easiest weapons that players can get that can be a substitute for Leon’s starting handgun.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Red9 (Handgun)

Red9 Upgrade Stats


Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Upgrade Cost

Power / 30K / 45L / 65K
Ammo Capacity810121416

6K / 8K / 10K / 12K

Reload Speed

0.850.951.051.151.258K / 10K / 11K / 14K
Rate of Fire0.90.961.051.161.26

7K / 10K / 14K / 19K

Exclusive Upgrade

Increases power by 1.5x


Red9 Exclusive Upgrade

When the exclusive upgrade of the Red9 has been purchased, the weapon deals more damage, allowing you to easily kill enemies.

This has given players an alternative to the M1903 Rifle as it is light, uses handgun ammo, and is easy to control with a faster rate of fire.

While this eventually cannot outdo the damage that the rifle can, it certainly is good for dealing a lot of damage with every shot.

Red9 Attachments

The Red9 can later be equipped with the Red9 Stock accessory, which provides the handgun with better accuracy and has it functioning similarly to a rifle for longer shots.

How To Get Red9?

The Red9 can be obtained by opening a chest that can be found at the center of the lake where you first faced off against Del Lago.

It only becomes available once you reach Chapter 4, which is most likely due to the monster sinking to the bottom of the lake after being killed.

Red9 Handgun Location

The Red9 can be obtained in Chapter 4, which is after you have previously defeated Del Lago, and instead of the lake being empty, a ship will be present.

If you take the boat that you find later in Chapter 4 and ride it to the center of the lake, you will find the ship that has a chest containing the Red9 at the back.

Is the Red9 Worth It?

The Red9 is indeed a powerful weapon, especially when you are first starting and the abundance of handgun ammo makes it easier to use often.

Its downside is mainly its reloading speed and rate of fire but this can be taken care of later on when you upgrade the weapon.

The addition of the Red9 Stock will make this handgun usable at a good distance, making it a good way to pick off enemies both near and far from you.


The Red9 was given its name by the large 9 painted in red on it, which was a reminder of what type of ammunition would be needed for it.

So far this weapon has been proven to be quite a good weapon, especially when it has been upgraded and equipped with a stock.

Although it may not be as versatile as the other handguns, it is a good choice for when you want to swap and deal higher damage while still conserving ammo.

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