RE4 Remake Del Lago Boss (Fight, Secret & Treasure)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Del Lago Boss

While making your way to the church in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will need to head into the lake first but something dangerous lurks within.

Del Lago, a mutant creature hunts in these waters and it looks like Leon has a watery challenge that will put his skills to the test.

You encounter this boss during Chapter 3 when you first get into the boat while finding a way to get to Ashley, who is held captive in a church.

Del Lago Boss

Del Lago was an experiment created by the Los Iluminados using a salamander, which later became a host to the Plagas parasite.

It was later mutated into a larger creature, which resulted in the Iluminados sealing it into a lake near their village due to its uncontrollable nature.

This monster lives in the lake and is often fed the corpses of the victims of the Iluminados, which they deliver by dropping them off a small boat.

How To Kill Del Lago?Encountering Del Lago boss

You encounter Del Lago when you are nearing the end of Chapter 3 and will be in a boat that loses power once you are in the lake.

This causes Del Lago to appear and begin to attack Leon but he can fight back using a seemingly unlimited amount of harpoons.

To defeat Del Lago, you will need to avoid getting smashed by objects in the water while throwing harpoons at the creature until it dies.

Your boat will have a certain amount of health that is damaged when Del Lago hits it or if you bump into objects in the water, eventually ending with your death if it runs out.

Strategy to Kill Del Lago

The fight begins with you being dragged by Del Lago all over the place and you will often be able to get 3-5 harpoons to hit it before it submerges.

Do not attempt to throw any harpoons if Del Lago is submerged as it may tend to jump out and attack the boat, which requires you to throw a harpoon into its mouth.

Successfully hitting it in the mouth will stagger it and cause it to fall into the water but if you fail to do this, it will hit your boat and deal damage.

Make sure you move the boat to the sides whenever you are about to collide with any objects in the water to avoid taking damage.

Del Lago will attempt to charge at you, exposing itself in the water but do not take the bait and throw harpoons recklessly instead, wait for it to open its mouth and toss a harpoon.

Timing is everything when it is charging at you and once you hit it in its mouth, it will stop charging at you and continue dragging you around.

This needs to be done until you have hit Del Lago enough times, which will end in it leaping out of the water one last time before it dies.

Del Lago SecretDel Lago RE4 Remake

Players can encounter Del Lago even before they get into the boat and this is not such a good idea since you already know it is in the water.

If you go to the edge of the docks and start shooting into the water, Del Lago will appear a few seconds later to surprise you.

The massive creature will jump out of the water and swallow you whole, resulting in Leon dying and the death screen appearing.

Del Lago TreasureReturning to the center of the lake to obtain treasure on a boat

Once Del Lago has been defeated and Chapter 3 has been finished, you can later return to the center of the lake to obtain treasure on a boat.

There will be a chest inside the boat and one at the back, which you can open without using any keys to get the Red 9 Handgun and an Alexandrite gemstone.

These can only be found after you have killed Del Lago and is probably the result of its body sinking to the bottom, causing the ship to appear.


The Del Lago boss fight may be a bit tricky at first but if you continuously hit the creature and avoid taking damage, the fight will be over sooner than you know it.

You will have an unlimited amount of harpoons and this is a lifesaver but you should be careful with your timing as wrong through can cause you to take damage.

After defeating Del Lago, Leon will pass out in his boat due to the parasite that has been injected inside of him but luckily for him, this did not happen while the creature was alive.

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