RE4 Remake Chicago Sweeper (Unlock, Upgrades & Stats)

One of the favorite weapons that players who have experienced the original Resident Evil 4 have returned along with the remake.

The Chicago Sweeper, which was previously known as the Chicago Typewriter can be obtained in Resident Evil 4 Remake along with Leon’s Pinstripe costume.

This submachine gun is well-known for being able to shred enemies into pieces, especially when it does not need to reload.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chicago Sweeper (Submachine Gun)

Chicago Sweeper Upgrade Stats


Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Upgrade Cost


0.400.81.21.6250K / 100K / 150K / 200K
Ammo Capacity5055606570

10K /15K / 25K / 30K

Reload Speed

0.780.820.860.890.9310K / 15K / 20K / 25K
Rate of Fire2.5N/AN/AN/AN/A


Exclusive Upgrade

Ammunition does not run out


Chicago Sweeper Exclusive Upgrade

The Chicago Sweeper’s Exclusive Upgrade causes it to have infinite ammo, which means that you no longer need to reload the weapon and can fire with unlimited ammo.

While this may seem like something that makes the game all too easy, this is because it is a special weapon and is meant for additional playthroughs.

Upgrading the Chicago Sweeper however is very expensive but with the help of an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket, you can get the infinite ammo quickly.

How To Unlock Chicago Sweeper?

The Chicago Sweeper will become available after you have completed the main story on Professional Mode with Rank A.

This will unlock it in the Extra Content Store, which you can later purchase with Challenge Points to make available in your games.

Similar to other special weapons or DLC weapons, it will be available once you open up your Typewriter Storage at any point in the game.

About The Chicago Sweeper

The Chicago Sweeper was initially in the original Resident Evil 4 and was called the Chicago Typewriter, making it the updated version.

Players would usually refer to this submachine gun as the Tommy Gun, which is not too far from what it is.

Many players who played the original were greatly anticipating this weapon and it was instantly included in the remake.

Is Chicago Sweeper Worth it?

Since the weapon has an unlimited amount of ammo, this is pretty obvious but not only does it give you the ability to continuously fire at enemies, it does a good amount of damage.

Its damage may not be that high but since it has a good rate of fire, it can deal a lot of damage to enemies in a few seconds.

Additionally, this can also be another way for you to stagger enemies if you continuously fire at their head, leg, or other weak spots.


This weapon does well in almost any situation and since you simply have to aim and pull the trigger, you can quickly progress through the game.

Not to mention, you can also equip Leon’s Pinstripe Costume to make him look even cooler as the Chicago Sweeper and the costume gives Leon a gangster look.

If putting multiple holes in your enemy is something you aim to do, the Chicago Sweeper is well known to do this often.

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