RE4 Remake How To Get Infinite Ammo

The Resident Evil games have always had one issue for some players, which was the lack of ammunition, forcing players to resort to escaping or finding other ways to kill enemies.

While this has become an issue for players who have started, those who wish to do another playthrough of the game, there is a way to have infinite ammo.

Players can now simply equip an accessory on Leon if they have already unlocked it, making him an unlimited ammo pool to keep using throughout the game.

Infinite Ammo Resident Evil 4 Remake

Cat Ears AccessoryLeon's Accessories

It is indeed possible that players can get infinite ammunition in the game without the use of any kind of cheat or trainer, which is by unlocking an item.

This item is known as the Cat Ears accessory, which can be equipped on Leon after unlocking it and purchasing it from the Extra Content Store.

You can equip this item on Leon during any game as long as it has been obtained and will have an unlimited supply of ammo afterward.

How To Get Cat Ears Accessory?

Obtaining Cat Ears is not an easy task, especially for newer players as this will require that they finish the main story on the Professional Mode difficulty.

Not only does it need to be done in Professional Mode, but you also need to get an S+ Rank to meet the conditions for the accessory.

This is doable though once you have finished the game once or twice and are ready to start doing your speed runs in the game.

How To Equip Cat Ears?

To Equip Cat Ears, you will need to open the Extras menu while in-game or when you are about to start it and select Leon’s Accessories.

This will show you all the accessories that you have already unlocked for Leon, and you will need to select Cat Ears and hit confirm.

You do not see Cat Ears after you have unlocked it, be sure to check the Extra Content Store to see if you have purchased it, which requires 2,000 Challenge Points.


Using Cat Ears is a fun way to go about the game as you can do less running and more shooting, making the game more action-packed and less of a panic-inducing session.

If you are aiming to complete certain achievements, using Cat Ears is a good way to help you progress without the need to continuously look for ammo.

While this is only available after you have unlocked it, Cat Ears makes the game more enjoyable for players who want to continue playing even after finishing the game.

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