How To Get Cat Ears in RE4 Remake

Ever since the very first Resident Evil game, ammo has always been an issue with the majority of the players, making them resort to methods that save it.

This has now been taken care of with a simple item known as the Cat Ears accessory, which makes it simple to shred enemies with limitless ammo.

That’s right, infinite ammo when you are shooting at your enemies but you might want to not let it get to you too much to the point where you just spray and pray.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Cat Ears

Cat Ears Effects

You are probably thinking that unlimited ammo means that you can keep firing without having to reload but with the Cat Ears accessory, this is not the case.

When you have the Cat Ears equipped, this will provide you with an unlimited ammo pool and you will still have to reload.

This is pretty handy though since you will no longer have to worry about running out of ammo and having to scurry off to find more in a fight.

How To Get Cat Ears?

Getting your hands on the Cat Ears accessory is one of the more difficult things to do in the game because this requires that you complete the game in Professional Mode.

Not only do you need to do that, but you also need to end up with an S+ rank to unlock it in the Extra Content Shop.

Once you have unlocked it in the Extra Content Shop though, you simply have to equip it before or during a game to have an infinite ammo pool.

How To Get Infinite Ammo?

With the Cat Ears available, you will have infinite ammo once you have equipped them on Leon, but remember this still means that you have to reload.

An important thing to make sure of is that you upgrade the reload speed of your weapon when possible to allow you to quickly reload once you are empty.

The infinite ammo will remain as it is until you have unequipped the Cat Ears accessory, which makes it possible to run through a whole game without the need to pick up ammo again.


While this may feel like a cheat in some way, this is part of the game and was meant for players who wanted to do a rerun on the main story to get more rewards.

The Cat Ears accessory can easily be obtained once you have completed the main story first and have obtained the Infinite Rocket Launcher, which should help you clear Professional Mode fast.

Now that you are running on infinite ammo, you no longer need to hold back when it comes to putting holes in your enemies.

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