How To Get Chicken Hat in RE4 Remake

There are times when you find yourself in tough situations and start losing a lot of health or take big hits from bosses in a fight against them.

Aside from having Body Armor, there is another way to boost your defenses to avoid taking too much damage from enemies.

This is done by equipping an item known as the Chicken Hat and yes it may seem funny but not when it keeps you from taking fatal damage.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chicken Hat

Chicken Hat Effects

Equipping the Chicken Hat will reduce the amount of damage that Leon takes from enemy attacks, which can later save your life in certain situations.

Being able to fight longer without the use of recovery items can help you save up for later when you need them most.

Whenever damage is received, it will be reduced instead of having Leon take the full damage from an attack, making it easier to survive in the game.

How To Get Chicken Hat?

To obtain the Chicken Hat, you will need to first unlock it before being able to purchase and equip it in the game.

This can be done by first completing the game on Hardcore Mode while obtaining Rank S+, which means you need to complete the game quickly in around 5 and a half hours or less.

Once you have completed the condition, the Chicken Hat can be purchased from the Extra Content Shop and later equipped while you are in a game.

Boosting Your Defenses

The Chicken Hat is not the only way to reduce the damage that you receive, you can also equip Body Armor as this will stack with the Chicken Hat’s protection.

Body Armor alone provides a good amount of damage reduction and if you add this with the Chicken Hat, Leon will have an even better chance of surviving.

Unlike Body Armor, the Chicken Hat cannot be broken and does not need to be repaired by spending Pesetas at the Merchant.


Some may think that the Chicken Hat is just some funky-looking chicken headdress that makes Leon look goofy but those who have goals in the game may think otherwise.

Surviving is the key to making better progress in the game and coming out with more achievements, such as the Frugalist Trophy.

Being able to withstand more hits will allow you to continuously fight enemies, making it easier for you to complete chapters.

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