How To Get Deer Antlers in RE4 Remake

Nothing makes things look a bit more dangerous than a set of sharp Deer Antlers, which is what Leon can get some time once you are used to the game.

You can get these by playing the game on its normal difficulty but you will also need to do so quickly to prove you deserve them.

With this accessory, you get to kill enemies easily with knives, making Leon a better close-quarter combat fighter with a simple melee weapon.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Deer Antlers

Deer Antlers Effects

The Deer Antlers can be equipped to increase the amount of damage that Leon does with his knives, making it easier to slice enemies up.

This will affect all of the knives that Leon uses and will boost both finisher knife attacks that are prompted as well as regular knife attacks when you equip it.

Being able to deal more damage with your knives will allow Leon to dispatch his enemies while up close, allowing you to save more ammunition.

How To Get Deer Antlers?

You will need to complete the main story in Standard Mode and get a rank of S+ in the end after saving Ashley and escaping.

This requires that you do not save often, mostly less than 15 times, and complete the game within around 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Once you have done this, the accessory will be unlocked and all you have left to do is buy it from the Extra Content Store and equip it during a game.

Killing With Knives

When it comes to using knives to kill your enemies, durability can be an issue at times, which makes the Primal Knife the best option when using the Deer Antlers.

Even if you do not plan to go all out with knives though, Leon can gain a huge benefit as there are times when you need to stab enemies who are staggered or lying on the ground.

Being able to deal a lot more damage with your knives can ensure that most of the enemies you strike or stab with them have a higher chance of getting killed.


If your goal is to use knives and handguns only, which is required for the Minimalist Trophy to be obtained, this is a good addition to Leon.

Being able to deal more damage with your knives will help conserve ammo since you can quickly kill enemies or even stagger them with a knife.

It is best to consider upgrading your knives if you plan to use the Deer Antlers as this will stack with the increase in damage, making Leon more capable of killing enemies up close.

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