How To Get Gas Mask in RE4 Remake

Sometimes a fight can get pretty messy, especially when you end up fighting against several enemies and are having trouble adjusting to aiming.

This is something that Aim Assist helps with, but this will only be available in Assisted Difficulty, making you need to revert to normal aiming later.

If you enjoy Aim Assist so much, there is a way to enable it even on the more difficult modes, which is with a Gas Mask.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Gas Mask

Gas Mas Effects

The Gas Mask is an accessory that can be equipped by Leon, which provides you with the ability to use the Aim Assist feature on any difficulty.

This will allow you to have easier aiming in the game, which can be either to snap at enemies or to snap and follow them as they move.

With Aim Assist active, you will be able to easily fight multiple enemies since you can focus your shots properly and save up on ammunition.

How To Get Gas Mask?

If you want to unlock the Gas Mask, you will need to first complete the main story in Professional Mode, but there is no rank requirement.

This means that as long as you finish Professional Mode, as long as you make it to the end of the game by escaping on the jet ski, the Gas Mask will be unlocked.

Later on, you will need to purchase the gas mask from the Extra Content Shop, which will cost 2,000 Challenge Points.

How To Enable Aim Assist?

Once you have the Gas Mask equipped, you can enable Aim Assist at any time during the game by heading to options and checking controls.

Under controls you will be able to find Aim Assist and turn it on as well as choose between the “Snap” or “Snap and Follow” settings.

Snap will make your crosshair align with the enemy while Snap and Follow will cause the crosshair to snap and track the enemy while you aim.


While most players won’t see the use of Aim Assist, some players may find this easier, especially if you are not used to the control method you are using.

Aim Assist is a great way to guarantee headshots when enemies are moving, making it easier for you to stagger or even kill them.

You can always disable Aim Assist at any time if you feel like you no longer need it and still wear the Gas Mask as an accessory for the way it looks.

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