Is Separate Ways Included in the RE4 Remake?

The Resident Evil 4 Remake brought back a bunch of characters that we have seen in the original and players have been wondering about a certain game mode.

As The Mercenaries has already been released, players are wondering if Ada Wong will be playable in a game mode that was previously titled Separate Ways.

Players are pretty excited as there have been rumors that Separate Ways will be included in a future update to the game so they can go behind the scenes as Ada Wong.

Resident Evil 4 Ada Wong

Who is Ada Wong?Resident Evil 4 Ada Wong

Ada Wong is a spy who appears in the game who appears multiple times throughout the game who at first appears to be against Leon but later ends up helping him.

She goes through the whole story accomplishing other tasks as an employee of the Umbrella Corporation and this time it was to obtain specimen samples.

Although Ada Wong often does what she is assigned to do, she seems to mostly do what she can for her gain in the end but sometimes shows that she has a heart with her actions.

What are Separate Ways?Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

Separate Ways is a side story following Ada Wong as the main character who operates behind the scenes during the events of Resident Evil 4.

You find out how she is involved in certain incidents during the game such as ringing the church bell, which saves Leon at the beginning.

Her actions in the background play a part in the events that occur in the main story and she has a unique set of weapons that she uses just like Leon does.

Is Separate Ways Included in the RE4 Remake?

Players have been wondering if Separate Ways will be included in the game but there has been no hint from the developers yet.

It has however been mentioned that a Dataminer has discovered that a file connected to the Separate Ways DLC was in the game’s files.

This means that the chance to get a Separate Ways story mode in the game is likely possible, especially with the pricey cost of the main game.


Separate Ways is a great addon to the game, especially since it surprises players with how certain events have happened in the game.

Aside from getting to use Ada Wong and her grapple to get around the place, the gameplay is just as intense as it is in the main story.

While the game developers have not given any clues about it, the chance to play this mode may come up after a few months just like The Mercenaries did.

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