RE4 Remake The Mercenaries (Characters, Unlock & Stages)

The Mercenaries is a bonus DLC that was added on April 7 2023 that allows players to engage in a survival fight against several enemies in a specific map.

Players will be able to choose from different characters that can later be unlocked with each of them having their own set of equipment.

The goal is to survive as long as you can while killing enemies to earn points, which players can later submit to the leaderboards.

Resident Evil 4 Remake The Mercenaries

How To Play The Mercenaries DLC?

To play The Mercenaries, you will need to obtain it via the game or your platform but no need to worry, this is free for those who have Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Once you have downloaded it, you will be able to access it from the main menu, which will bring you to The Mercenaries menu.

From this menu, you can start a game, which lets you choose a map and afterward, a character that you want to use.

The Mercenaries Characters

While we do not have some of the old characters from the previous The Mercenaries game mode from Resident Evil 4 but some may be added in the future.

1) Leon

Leon the main character in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Leon is the main character of Resident Evil 4 Remake and you may already be well aware of his capabilities in the game.

Leon’s equipment includes the following:

  • SG-09 R
  • Riot Gun
  • Stingray
  • High-power Scope
  • Laser Sight
  • Combat Knife
  • Handgun Ammo
  • Shotgun Ammo
  • Rifle Ammo
  • First Aid Spray

Leon Mayhem Mode: Attack Power and Speed are greatly increased.

2) Luis

Luis is a dashing hero in the game

Our Ladies’ Man Luis is a dashing hero who proved himself to the end in the main story and continues to kill enemies and blow things up in this game mode.

Luis’ equipment includes the following:

  • Red 9
  • M1903
  • Biosense Scope
  • Boot Knife
  • Handgun Ammo
  • Rifle Ammo
  • 2x First Aid Spray

Luis Mayhem Mode: Sets down a dynamite that explodes after some time or can be manually detonated by shooting it.

3) Krauser

Krauser is one of the Leon's rival in the game

Krauser is known to be quite the mercenary and one of Leon’s rivals in the game who has restored his injuries thanks to the Plaga parasite.

Krauser’s equipment includes the following:

  • EJF-338
  • TMP
  • Fighting Knife
  • 3x Explosive Arrows
  • 3x Flashbang
  • Submachine Gun Ammo
  • First Aid Spray

Krauser Mayhem Mode: Transforms Krauser into his mutated form, allowing him to unleash devastating attacks that can cut enemies to bits.

4) Hunk

Hunk is best known for snapping his enemies

A returning favorite that players loved in the previous Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries game mode, best known for snapping his enemy’s necks in a split second.

Hunk’s equipment includes the following:

  • LE 5
  • Boot Knife
  • 3x Hand Grenade
  • Boot Knife
  • Submachine Gun Ammo

Hunk Mayhem Mode: Hunk gains unlimited ammo, allowing him to continuously fire at enemies without reloading until the duration is over.

How To Unlock Characters?

Each character requires that you play with a character before they can be unlocked, making it necessary to play any stage with every character and get at least Rank A once.

  • Luis – Achieve Rank A with Leon on any stage
  • Krauser – Achieve Rank A with Luis on any stage
  • Hunk – Achieve Rank A with Krauser on any stage

The Mercenaries StagesThe Mercenaries Stages

This game mode features some of the maps that you have previously explored in the main story and puts you against enemies that you have encountered in each location.

There are 3 stages at the moment and these are the Village, Castle, and Island, each putting you in a specific location to fight countless enemies.

Every stage you play on will hold a record for the character you use and unlocking the next one requires you to play in the previous one.

The Mercenaries GameplayThe Mercenaries Gameplay

At the start of the game, you will be using the character that you picked out and will be playing on a specific map that requires you to survive.

The game will end once your time limit has run, you have killed all the enemies, or if you have been killed, resulting in the results and calculation of your score.

Enemies will continuously appear and become more difficult as you kill more enemies, which is capped at 150 enemies.

How To Extend Timer?

The timer can be extended in various ways, which will allow you to play longer and continue killing enemies to get a higher score.

The following are ways that you can increase your timer:

  • Kill boss enemies such as Chainsaw Villagers, Garradors, and more.
  • Kill enemies with headshots or by shooting their weak spots
  • Grab green orbs (timer extension orbs)

Combo Bonus Rate

The Combo Multiplier allows you to gain more points when you kill enemies, which will allow you to get a higher score in The Mercenaries.

Your combo meter will be displayed with a number representing how many enemies you have killed and a meter that decreases as you do not damage enemies.

Damaging enemies will increase the meter while killing enemies will increase your combo, which allows you to get a multiplier with higher combo kills.

The following are the Combo Bonus Rates:

  • 1.1x (10 Kills)
  • 1.2x (25 Kills)
  • 1.3x (50 Kills)
  • 1.4x (70 Kills)
  • 1.5x (100 Kills)

Mayhem ModeMayhem Mode

Mayhem Mode is your character’s special ability, which allows them to earn you more points as well as quickly defeat enemies.

This will vary depending on which character you are using and can be used strategically to survive, keep your combo going or simply kill lots of enemies.

The Mayhem Meter will reset once it has been completely used but will be replenished when you kill enemies and pick up Mayhem Orbs (Yellow Orbs).

VerdictHunk snapping one of the enemy's neck in the game

The Mercenaries is a great game mode that players can enjoy and with the return of some of the playable characters, things have brought back a lot of nostalgia.

You can now fight as much as you want and try to put your name across the leaderboards as you get more skilled in this game mode.

Nothing beats a good old survival where you can dish out a lot of mayhem and put your skills to the test against an insane amount of enemies.

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