RE4 Remake Charms (List & How to Get All)

Resident Evil 4 Remake brought new features to the game, such as the customization of your Attaché Case in different ways, which provided certain bonuses.

One of the features they added was the option to equip Charms to the case, providing Leon with certain bonuses depending on what Charm was attached to.

These can later be obtained in the game when you reach the Shooting Range but those who have purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game have 2, to begin with.

Resident Evil 4 Remake customizing Attaché Case

What Are Charms?

Charms are accessories for your Leon’s Attaché Case that can be equipped on the case, which can be seen later dangling when you check your inventory.

While these may appear to be simple designs that dangle as you check your inventory, they provide certain bonuses.

The rarity of these items as well as what type of Charm you have equipped will be different depending on each piece and you can equip up to 3 at a time.

How To Get Charms?

Players who have purchased the Deluxe Edition, will be able to obtain 2 Charms at the start of their game and these are the Handgun Ammo and Green Herb Charms.

Aside from the Deluxe Edition Charms, players will normally be able to obtain these as a reward for using Tokens later on when they discover the Shooting Range.

The Shooting Range has a machine that accepts Silver or Gold Tokens, which will determine what the rarity of the Charm will be. (3 needed to get 1 Charm)

How To Equip Charms?Customizing Case option

Once you have one or more Charms, you will be able to equip these on your Attaché Case to provide Leon with a specific bonus.

This can be done by heading to any Typewriter Storage and selecting the Customize Case option, which later lets you choose a case or equip charms.

Select the Charms that you want and you can pick whether to equip it on the left, middle or right side of the corner of your case.

Charms List

Charms come with different rarities and each of these is tied to a specific one, which makes some rarer and harder to get than others.

Common Charms

  • Bella Sisters – 20% Magnum Ammo craft bonus chance
  • Don Diego – 15% Rifle Ammo Craft bonus chance
  • Don Esteban – 15% Shotgun Shells craft bonus chance
  • Don Jose – 15% Handgun Ammo craft bonus chance
  • Don Miguel – 15% Submachine Gun Ammo craft bonus chance
  • Don Pedro – 40% Health Recovery for Vipers
  • Dr. Salvador – 20% Rifle Ammo craft bonus chance
  • Isabel – 30% Health Recovery for Vipers
  • Leader Zealot – 10% Health Recovery for Green Herbs
  • Maria – 15% Magnum Ammo craft bonus chance
  • Soldier w/ Dynamite – 30% Attachable Mines Craft bonus chance
  • Soldier w/ Hammer – 20% Handgun Ammo craft bonus chance
  • Soldier w/ Stun Rod – 15% Bolt craft bonus chance
  • Zealot w/ Bowgun – 20% Bolt craft bonus chance
  • Zealot w/ Scythe – 20% Submachine Gun Ammo craft bonus chance
  • Zealot w/ Shield – 20% Shotgun Shells craft bonus chance

Rare Charms

  • Ada Wong – 30% less cost for Body Armor repairs
  • Luis Sera – Increases prices of weapons you sell by 20%
  • Leon w/ Rocket Launcher – Reduces Rocket Launcher price by 20%
  • Leon w/ Handgun – 30% less cost for Knife repairs
  • Leon w/ Shotgun – Increases the price of ammo that you sell by 40%
  • Chicken – Doubles health recovered using all types of Chicken Eggs
  • Black Bass – Doubles health recovered using Black Bass

Legendary Charms

  • Cute Bear – Reduces Gunpowder needed when crafting by 1
  • Striker – Increases Leon’s movement speed by 8%

Deluxe Edition Charms

  • Green Herb – Increases healing from Green Herbs by 15
  • Handgun Ammo – 20% Handgun Ammo craft bonus chance

Best Charms

For those who are in combat, it would be best to have Charms that would increase your healing just in case you take damage, but this is determined by what you will use to heal with.

For crafting, you should equip the necessary Charm related to what type of ammo you are going to craft as well as have the Cute Bear Charm to reduce Gunpowder costs.

When you are back at the Merchant for repairs, it is best to equip the Leon w/ Handgun Charm and Ada Wong Charms to reduce the cost to repair your Body Armor and Knife.

One of the best Charms to have on you at all times when you are away from the Merchant, or a Typewriter Storage is the Striker Charm because this will allow you to run faster.


Charms may be a simple addition to the game but these can be helpful later on when you most need them, especially the ones that affect ammo crafting and health restoration.

Overall, the Striker Charm is one of the prized ones that players love to have due to the movement bonus that it provides.

It is possible to get more than one Charm, which is mainly done by continuously using Tokens in the Shooting Gallery.

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