RE4 Remake Blacktail (Exclusive Upgrade, Stats & Worth It?)

The Blacktail is a compact yet powerful handgun, which can pack quite a punch when it has been upgraded, making it a good choice for use often.

It can be a good replacement for Leon’s standard handgun but it lacks the ability to be equipped with an accessory.

Once fully upgraded, this handgun is capable of taking enemies out quickly and works well when it comes to staggering enemies you want to use melee attacks on.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Blacktail (Handgun)


Upgrade Stats


Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Upgrade Cost

Power / 28K / 40K / 59K
Ammo Capacity910111213

8K / 10K / 12K / 14K

Reload Speed / 10K / 13K / 16K
Rate of Fire1.191.331.631.912.2

10K / 14K / 20K / 26K

Exclusive Upgrade

Increases power by 1.5x


Blacktail Exclusive Upgrade

The Blacktail’s exclusive upgrade increases its power, which makes the weapon deal more damage to kill enemies faster with fewer shots.

This also increases the chances of you staggering a target since the more damage dealt provides you with a better chance to stagger.

With the Blacktail’s high damage, it can easily be boosted once the exclusive upgrade has been purchased, making it a good choice for an endgame handgun.


Unlike the other handguns in the game, the Blacktail cannot be equipped with any accessories but this is made up for since it takes only 2×2 slots and serves as a useful weapon.

How To Get Blacktail?

You may purchase the Blacktail once you have reached Chapter 7 and this will be available in the Merchant’s new stock for 24,000 Pesetas.

Blacktail Handgun Location

Purchasing the Blacktail may be done at any Merchant once you have reached Chapter 7 and it will continuously be available until purchased.

Is the Blacktail worth it?

If you prefer a simple, compact, and easy-to-use weapon, the Blacktail makes for a great choice but it may not be the best for those who tend to unload bullets without aiming.

The Blacktail is limited by its magazine capacity as well as its inability to be equipped with an accessory but the overall damage makes up for this.

Choosing the Blacktail as your main handgun can become a great advantage since it has more abundant ammo all around and can be used in most situations.


The Blacktail is as simple as it gets and thanks to it being a compact weapon, this does not take that much space in your inventory.

What makes this weapon so good is that the amount of damage is higher compared to some of the other weapons that you can get your hands on.

All in all, the Blacktail is great for taking once you reach Chapter 7 and as you continue to upgrade it, you will find that killing enemies becomes easier.

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