RE4 Remake Shooting Range Locations & Rewards

Resident Evil 4 Remake has a lot of goodies in it and there are sometimes things you can do on the side while tackling the main story of the game.

One of these is the Shooting Range, which lets you practice your shooting skills while also earning rewards for doing so.

The Shooting Range is one of the best ways for you to get Tokens, which can later be used to obtain Charms for your Attaché Case.

Leon testing the shooting range

What is the Shooting Range?

The Shooting Range is a location that can be entered by Leon during the main story at certain locations during the game.

These allow Leon to do target practice, which is done by shooting pirate targets to gain points that allow him to reap rewards later.

The better Leon does at the Shooting Range, the more rewards he can get, which are mainly the Charms for his case.

Where To Find Shooting Range?

There are 3 Shooting Galleries that can be found in each of the areas that Leon goes to, which are the Village, Castle, and Island.

  • Village Shooting Range – Located in the Merchant’s area past the Quarry
  • Castle Shooting Range – Located just after climbing out of the Depths
  • Island Shooting Range – Located near the Cargo Depot

Each of these will be accessible once you reach the areas and going to a new Shooting Range will unlock more challenges.

Shooting Range Rewards

The Shooting Range will reward you based on your total score, which will be determined by how many targets you hit as well as if you shoot the wrong ones.

Later on, you will be able to obtain Gold and Silver Tokens based on your total score, which later determines the rank for each round.

These can later be used at the prize machine that requires the tokens for Leon to obtain Charms that his Attaché case can have equipped.

How To Get Charms?Charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake

To get Charms you will need to have at least 3 Tokens of any kind but the rarer the collection of Tokens you put, the rarer the Charm you will get.

Once you have 3 or more Tokens, approach the machine, and interact with it to choose which Tokens you want to use.

You can combine Gold Tokens with Silver Tokens but using 3 Gold Tokens will give you better luck with Obtaining rare Charms.


The Shooting Range is a great way for you to test out certain weapons that you can get in the game and is mainly used to get Charms.

The Charms will later be useful once you have equipped them to Leon’s Attaché Case as they provide him with certain bonuses in the game.

Each Shooting Range will unlock a different set of challenges, which allow you to get a feel of the different weapons in the game.

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