How To Get Wolf Tail in RE4 Remake

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, your enemies will tend to get close and sometimes this needs to be dealt with properly, meaning a kick to the face or pummeling them into the ground.

With the Wolf Tail accessory, you can do this more effectively, which will likely increase the chances of you killing enemies when fighting back with melee attacks.

Not only do you get a nice fluffy tail attached to Leon, but he also performs even better when he performs his awesome melee attacks.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Wolf Tail

Wolf Tail Effects

Equipping the Wolf Tail will greatly increase the damage that Leon does whenever he uses a melee attack on an enemy.

This includes attacks such as his roundhouse kick, and forward kick as well as his famous Supplex, which can lead to you killing enemies faster.

This works well when you tend to stagger enemies by shooting them in the legs or the head and finishing them off with a melee attack.

How To Get Wolf Tail?

The Wolf Tail needs to be unlocked first in the Extra Content Store, which can be done by completing Assisted Mode with a rank of S+ as any ranks lower will not count.

This means that you need to complete the game quickly, which is usually less than 4 to 5 hours with minimal saving, making a speed run necessary.

After you have unlocked the Wolf Tail, you can purchase it for 2,000 Challenge Points and begin equipping it during any game afterward.

Using Melee Attacks

Melee attacks have always been a thing in Resident Evil 4 and they are even better in Resident Evil 4 Remake since you can easily do them.

It is important to stagger your enemy often to use melee attacks to make the most out of the Wolf Tail as this will deal more damage.

Having a handgun is a good way to stagger enemies as the ammo for it is common and most of the time, doing a melee attack when having the Wolf Tail will result in you killing the enemy.


Aside from being able to knock enemies back or get out of tight situations, you can benefit from melee attacks greatly with the Wolf Tail since all enemies hit will take damage.

This makes it easier for you to dish out damage safely whenever you perform a melee attack on enemies since the damage of melee attacks will be able to kill most enemies.

If you tend to use melee attacks often, getting the Wolf Tail is a good option for you when it comes to taking out enemies.

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