RE4 Remake Melee Attack (Stagger, Kick, Suplex & Stab Neck)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Melee Attacks

The Resident Evil 4 Remake puts you in some pretty tough situations where you run out of ammo or are facing enemies up close to the point where they can stab you.

Luckily, Leon is well-trained and capable of pulling off some slick moves when fighting enemies in close-quarters combat.

You can perform certain melee moves in the game that can damage or even kill enemies that are staggered.

1) How to Stagger

Stagger enemy in RE4 Remake

You can set up enemies for melee attacks by staggering them, which can be done by doing a parry or what others would call “the perfect block.”

To parry an attack, you simply need to block at the right time, which will cause you to deflect the attack and stagger the enemy.

You can also stagger enemies by shooting them in the head, legs, or other weak spots depending on what enemy you are facing.

2) How to Kick

Kicking enemy

When an enemy is staggered, you will have the option to perform a kick, which knocks the enemy back or may even kill them.

Enemies that are nearby or hit by the enemy as they are knocked back will also topple to the ground or be pushed.

Pressing the melee attack/interact button will perform this attack, which is a great way to push enemies away from you if they get too close or if you are cornered.

3) How to Suplex

suplex enemy in RE4 Remake

Doing a suplex to enemies was much easier in the original Resident Evil 4 but in the remake, it may take a bit of getting used to.

You will need to shoot the enemy in the leg to force them to kneel, allowing you to do a melee attack but this must be done from behind.

Performing a suplex will deal more damage to an enemy and even has the chance to pop their head, instantly killing enemies unless they are not normal ones.

4) How to Stab Neck

Stabbing enemy Neck

When an enemy is down, you may be prompted to finish the enemy off with a stab from your knife, which can be done by pressing the LMB (PC) or R2 (Controller).

This may also happen if you stagger the enemy while they are standing, and the prompt may also appear to allow you to perform this attack.

This will instantly kill an enemy but will reduce the durability of your knife, but the instant kill can sometimes be worth it.


Melee attacks are a great way to deal damage without consuming ammunition or damaging the durability of your knife, except for the finishing stab attack.

Kicking enemies is great for crowd control and it may even get you out of a dangerous situation while the suplex on its own can be a great way to finish an enemy.

Making use of the melee attacks in the game allows you to take out your enemies easily as even if they are still alive, you can finish them off with other attacks.

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