How To Survive the Village Attacks in RE4 Remake

RE4 Remake Surviving the village attack

In the Resident Evil 4 Remake, we experience having to survive the first encounter with a seemingly unlimited amount of enemies.

The Village Square is one of the hardest parts early on in the game for beginners in Chapter 1 which ends up with most players getting killed.

While some believe that you have to clear out enemies, you have to just make it out alive but things can sometimes get challenging in this part.

How To Survive in the Village Square?Officer being burnt alive by the villagers in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Things may start a bit peacefully, aside from the officer being burnt alive since the villagers won’t notice you at first.

Once they do, it’s time for you to start defending yourself by fighting back but they will swarm you from all over.

The technique is to keep your distance from them and to avoid getting cornered in a spot where you can no longer defend yourself.

Map that helps you to get away from the enemies (Villagers)

The map can sometimes be your best friend and it’s best to check first what routes you should take to get away from enemies.

Keep in mind that you will need to survive while also taking out a few enemies as well as avoiding the Chainsaw Village.

You can also check your map to see if any loot is worth rushing to, which will appear if you have already passed by it.

House next to the destroyed windmill

One of the best places to go is into the house next to the destroyed windmill as this will allow Leon to barricade the door.

This does cause the Chainsaw Villager to show up earlier though so keep that in mind but you can also grab the W-870 Shotgun, a Grenade, and more inside.

You can also barricade one of the windows before going upstairs, where you can knock off a ladder if they try to get in through the second-floor window.

Once things get too dicey and they start getting in, you can jump out the window and escape, to lead the rough of enemies elsewhere.

Enemies trying to get the roof of building where you are standing

Enemies will try to get to the roof of buildings by placing ladders or going into the buildings but you can simply jump down once they are in.

After that, you simply need to kill the other stragglers and repeat this until you hear the sound of the church bell, which pacifies them.

This will cause the enemies to stop attacking you and later starts a cutscene where they all disappear after going into the church.

Villager in ClosetHouse with a villager in the cabinet

Watch out for this house as there is a Villager in the cabinet who will jump out and attack you but he is vulnerable when he first exits.

If you don’t notice him early on, he can grab you and this can lead to an instant kill if you don’t break free in a time when the Chainsaw Villager gets to you.

Be sure to make haste whenever you are in a building to lead enemies inside then quickly escape but don’t get cornered!


The Village Square is indeed tough, especially for players who are new to Resident Evil games, but this can easily be survived by avoiding too much conflict.

For other players who want to face the challenge head-on, you can kill enemies while running around as this will get you some loot at the cost of ammo.

Don’t forget to loot the place as running around will reveal items that you pass by, which are good to come back to once the villagers are gone.

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