RE4 Remake Blue Medallions Location (Farm)

In Chapter 1 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will come across one of the requests in the game that sends you searching for Blue Medallions.

It turns out that someone is annoyed that the religious lunatics have been leaving these hanging around a farm.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Blue Medallion Locations

You will need to locate all of the Blue Medallions and destroy them in order to get the rewards for this challenge.

How To Get Destroy the Blue Medallions Request?Blue Medallion request near the gate

You will be able to grab the blue paper (request) on a wall that is located near the end of the farm just on the wall near the locked gate.

It can be seen just before you see the door that leads to the room that has a mechanism needed to open the gate attached to a damaged wall.

All Blue Medallion Locations at Farm

1) Inside Workshop

Blue Medallion hanging in the workshop

Just a few seconds away from the request, you can find one of the Blue Medallions hanging by the window of the workshop to your left.

2) On Building Wall Next To Well

Blue Medallion near the well

Another Blue Medallion can be seen near the well with a roof near the barn attached to the wall next to one of the buildings.

3) Inside Barn

Medallion inside Barn (which is slightly hidden from the outside)

This one appears to be a bit hidden or simply hard to hit but if you go outside the Barn and look through the window, it’s an easy shot to make.

4) Inside Shed Near Windmill Well

Medallion inside Shed near Windmill well

You will notice that there is a well with a windmill on it and there will be a shed beside it where the Blue Medallion can be seen inside the roof.

5) Behind the Wayshrine

Blue Medallion behind the Wayshrine


You may have noticed the Wayshrine behind the workshop, which is where you can find another Blue Medallion just behind it under the wooden platform.

Destroy Blue Medallion Request Rewards

Completing the Destroy Blue Medallions request will reward you with 3 Spinels, which can be used to trade for special items like The Punisher from The Merchant.


Finding the Blue Medallions is quite easy as their color stands out and you can destroy these with a single shot of a handgun at pretty much any range.

It’s best to complete this during Chapter 1 since the next request in Chapter 2 will allow you to get another 3 Spinels, which will allow you to purchase the Punisher handgun.

This is one of many requests that will be given in the game and others may not be as easy but will definitely be worth the effort to complete.

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