RE4 Remake Punisher (Location, How to Get & Upgrade)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Punisher

Sometimes the most terrible stings come from the smallest bites and the Punisher is one weapon that proves this to be true.

This handgun has excellent penetration power, allowing it to pierce targets to hit multiple enemies if they are lined up.

Punisher is a favorite of many players since it was first discovered in the original Resident Evil 4 game and continues to be one of the best weapons you can get.

Punisher Upgrade Stats


Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Upgrade Cost


0.901.101.401.71.98K / 15K / 23K / 35K
Ammo Capacity12.0015.00182124

5K / 8K / 11K / 14K

Reload Speed / 7K / 10K / 13K
Rate of Fire1.051.261.421.631.91

8K / 12K / 15K / 20K

Exclusive Upgrade

Penetrates through 5 targets


Punisher Attachments

The Punisher handgun is compatible with the Laser Sight, which can be increased to help with aiming the weapon, replacing the standard crosshair with a red dot.

Punisher Exclusive Upgrade

Once the Punisher handgun has had its exclusive upgrade, it will now be able to penetrate through 5 targets, allowing you to hit multiple enemies in a line.

This works well with groups of enemies and if the bullets fired penetrate weak spots, these will also be hit and can stagger several enemies at the same time.

Not only can you stagger multiple enemies, but you can also clear enemies out quickly as all enemies penetrated will take damage.

Punisher Handgun Location

The Punisher becomes available first during Chapter 2, where you can purchase it from The Merchant in his trade menu.

This weapon is not purchased with Pesetas but rather with a currency called Spinels, which is a reward for challenges and sometimes found as loot.

How To Get Punisher?Punisher Punisher Handgun from The Merchant

You can buy the Punisher Handgun from The Merchant once you have 5 Spinels and this can be done as early as the beginning of Chapter 2.

If you have previously completed the Destroy Blue Medallions Challenge, you should already be able to get 3 Spinels from The Merchant.

Just beside him is another request called Exterminate All The Rats, which will reward you with another 3 Spinels, allowing you to purchase the Punisher Handgun.

Trading Spinels with the Merchant for the Punisher

Speak to The Merchant and select Trade, which will show you the items he has to offer for Spinels and you can pick the Punisher.

Once you buy the Handgun, it will already be loaded and you can start upgrading it right away if you have enough Pesetas.

Using the Punisher

Penetrating Rounds

Killing a Villager using the Punisher

What makes the Punisher an ideal weapon is that it has penetration, which allows you to hit multiple enemies with each shot.

This is convenient since you can stagger multiple enemies with a single bullet, allowing you to conserve ammo as well if enemies are lined up.

Its damage also improves when fully upgraded, making it an ideal end-game weapon that can be situational at times.

Is Punisher Worth It?

Imagine being in a tight area or being chased by enemies and having only 20 Handgun Ammo left, there is not much a regular handgun can do against most enemies.

The Punisher changes things as a single shot goes through them and you can even set in a few melee attacks if they get staggered.

When it comes to crowd control, the Punisher is definitely worth the Spinels and later on it becomes even better once you get the Laser Sight attachment.

Punisher or Handgun

If you compare Punisher with Leon’s SG-09 R, it can hit multiple enemies due to its penetration, which the standard weapon can’t do.

The standard handgun may be able to deal slightly more damage but this can only hit one enemy at a time and you will likely have to use more ammo or follow up with a finisher.

The Punisher on the other hand can deal damage to enemies in a line as well as it can stagger them if their weak points are aligned.

VerdictRE4 Remake Punisher

What the Punisher lacks in damage, it makes up for with everything else, especially when it comes to dealing with groups of enemies.

Once you fully upgrade this weapon, it does deal a good amount of damage and its rate of fire is also pretty decent.

This weapon remains to be a top choice and one of the game-changing early weapons that you can get your hands on.

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