RE4 Remake Hexagon Shaped Slot Puzzle

When you reach Chapter 2 in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will come across 3 different puzzles that will need you to do a bit of thinking.

One of these is known as the Eagle Hexagon Gate Puzzle, which needs to be completed for you to head for the Village Chief’s Manor.

Found the Eagle Hexagon Gate in chapter 2 RE4 Remake

The Eagle Hexagon Gate Puzzle requires you to find a piece that fits the lock on a gate and that you use to unlock it so that you can enter.

How To Open Eagle Hexagon Gate? Obtaining the Hexagon Emblem from the top of the building

The first thing you will need to do is obtain the Hexagon Emblem, which appears as a hexagon with a symbol of an eagle on it.

These can be found by heading to the Valley and entering the house to your right to access a ladder that leads to the roof.

You can find the Hexagon Emblem on top of the building and may take it to bring it back to the gate as it is a key.

Interacting with the lock which has a reversed image of an eagle at the gate

Once you are back at the gate, you will need to interact with the lock at its side which has the same shape and a reversed image of an eagle.

This piece is identical to the Hexagonal Emblem and is the key to opening the lock, which you can use after opening its menu.

Although it seems to be easy, this is not the only part of the puzzle as you have to fit it into the slot, which can be done by rotating it.

Eagle Hexagon Gate SolutionRotating the Hexagon Emblem to place it in the lock

There are two ways that you can rotate the Hexagon Emblem, which is to turn it clockwise or counterclockwise and flip it around to face the slot.

You will need to rotate the Hexagon Emblem one time before turning it around and selecting confirm to place it properly into the slot.

Once this has been done, the Hexagon Emblem will be placed and will open up to reveal a lever that you can use to open up the gate.

VerdictMoving to the Village Chief’s Manor

With this solved, you can now make your way to the Village Chief’s Manor but keep in mind that two more puzzles await you in Chapter 2.

Getting the Hexagon Emblem may be a bit difficult at first since there are enemies in the area and a lot of them but repositioning yourself should make things easier.

You can find that the easiest way to get the Hexagon Emblem is to rush towards the house and jump into the window before enemies catch up to you to make you stand there.

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