RE4 Remake Pest Control Rat Locations (Abandoned Factory)

Chapter 2 in Resident Evil 4 Remake, starts off escaping being imprisoned with a person named Luis Serra and just as you leave the area and meet The Stranger, another challenge is presented before you.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Pest Control Request (Abandoned Factory)

It looks like someone is tired of the rats that live in the Abandoned Factory and are scared they may be carrying out some sort of disease.

It is now up to you to kill all 3 rats, which you may have already noticed as you have been making your way outside of the factory.

How To Get Pest Control Request?Pest Control request found near the The Merchant stuck to a boiler

The Pest Control request can be found outside of where you were being held captive and is right next to The Merchant stuck to a boiler.

Before you can get to it, you will first have to find a way out of the area where you were imprisoned and collect your gear before you meet The Merchant.

All Rat Locations in the Abandoned Factory

This is an easy request but the rats can sometimes be annoying as they tend to run around you and escape but a handgun or knife will surely do the trick.

1) In Corridor

Shooting one of the rat in Corridor

While making your way back inside the factory, keep to the right where you killed one of the enemies that was walking back and forth.

You should see one of the rats scurrying around the area and can either shoot it or attack it with your knife to save ammo.

2) Outside Gear Room

Killing the other two rats outside the gear room

If you remember the room that you had to run to after rotating a valve, you will need to head back over there as the other two rats can be found here.

Keep in mind that they may start going crazy once you are nearby and will most likely run around in circles while you try to kill them.

Pest Control Rewards (Abandoned Factory)

After killing all 3 rats, you can return to The Merchant and will be rewarded with 3 Spinels for completing the request.


You may already have noticed the rats on your way out and some players tend to shoot anything that moves, so this may have been an easy one for most.

The rats seem to run around in a sort of circle, which is probably meant to annoy the players and use up their ammo.

Using a knife is a good pick and all you need to do is aim it where the rat will run and just as easy as pie, instant Spiels.

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