Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Previously, you were knocked out by an unknown man and have woken up chained to a Luis Serra, who you tried to rescue earlier.

It’s a good thing that you were able to escape the situation but Luis Serra has run off and you are left in an abandoned factory with no gear.

RE4 Remake Chapter 2

You will need to locate your gear and find a way out of the abandoned factory to continue making your way to the church.

Resident Evil 4 Chapter 2 WalkthroughHead for the church in the Village Square

Head for the church

It’s quite clear that now you have a way to access the church in the Village Square but before you can do anything, you need to get your stuff back!

The villagers have hidden your gear nearby and you will need to get them. The next parts will be a bit of stealth and melee play for the time being.

After speaking to Hunnigan, you will need to go through the doorway and follow the pathway until you find a dead Villager, which you can take a Kitchen Knife from. (Take it!)

Hole in the wall next to the villager

After you have taken the Kitchen Knife, continue making your way up the nearby stairs and go through the door where there will be a villager.

The villager will be facing the other way and you can sneak up on him to perform a stealth kill, which will save you some trouble. (He also drops a Kitchen Knife)

If you look at the hole in the wall next to where the villager was standing, you will be able to see that your gear is in that room.

Villager approaching you to attack

Behind the next door, there will be another villager but this time he will be facing your direction and sneaking won’t do you any good.

You will have to fight this guy with your knife but should be able to kill him quickly after parrying his first attack.

Once you kill him, you can grab the Sapphire and Handgun ammo in the furnaces that are to your left before moving forward.

Disabling the traps through the Knife

There will be traps nearby and you should disable these with your knife as they can stop you later on from entering the room.

Near this sealed door are two windows and you will need to vault through one of them and continue to where another villager is.

You can fight the villager head-on or do a stealth kill before heading to the next room, which is where you will find a valve.

Interacting with the valve to open the door

Interacting with the valve will open up the door where you triggered the bear traps and once it is fully opened, you will have to rush over to get inside. (It starts to close)

Make sure to wait until the door is fully opened and when heading back, be sure to vault over the first gap in the wall to save time from going around.

If you disabled the traps, you should have no problem, and once you reach the door that is closing, Leon will roll inside.

A drawer that is locked in the room

Once you are in the room where your gear is being kept, interact with your items and they will be returned to you.

You will notice that there is a drawer that is locked and this will require a Small Key that you can get later in the Valley.

Head towards the gate just outside and The Merchant will appear and unlock it for you, allowing you to exit the building.

Meet The Merchant outside the building

Once you are outside of the building, you will be able to meet The Merchant for the first time and buy certain things from him, including an inventory slot upgrade.

Aside from purchasing new items, you will be able to also sell any treasure that you want to be sold but it’s best to make sure that they are all slotted with different jewels.

The Merchant will be selling the following items in Chapter 1:

  • Bolt Thrower (10,000 Pesetas)
  • SR M1903 Rifle (12,000 Pesetas)
  • Scope (4,000 Pesetas)
  • First Aid Spray (5,000 Pesetas)
  • Case Upgrade 7×12 (10,000 Pesetas)
  • Recipe: Bolts (6,000 Pesetas)

If you purchase the SR M1903 Rifle, you will be able to get the Scope Attachment for free as this is a limited-time offer from him.

The Merchant will also have certain items that can be traded for Spinels, which is a special currency in the game.

  • Treasure Map: Village (1 Spinel)
  • Yellow Herb (3 Spinels)
  • Punisher (5 Spinels)
  • Yellow Diamond (3 Spinels)
  • Laser Sight (10 Spinels)

Heading to the valley to get the Hexagon Emblem

The next place you will need to go is the Valley as this is where you can get the Hexagon Emblem that needs to be used to open up the nearby gate. (Hexagon Puzzle)

Make your way to the right and kill the villager that is blocking your way to proceed down the path that leads to the Valley.

You will come across a gate that is blocking the way but there will be a ladder nearby that lets you get into the Valley.

Making the way to the side of the building where the Hexagon Emblem is located

Once you have climbed up the ladder, you will see an enemy text to where the Hexagon Emblem is and will need to enter the building through a window on the right.

The house on the left has a Yellow Herb inside of it, which you might want to grab to increase your max health for later.

Make your way to the side of the building where the Hexagon Emblem is and climb up the ladder to grab it but be careful as there will be tons of enemies in the area.

Heading up to the side of the cliff to get the Hexagon Emblem

After grabbing the Hexagon Emblem, your problem is that the gate is shut and there is no way back to where you climbed up to enter the Valley.

Head up to the side of the cliff and use the gate valve to open up the gate so you can bring the Hexagon Emblem to complete the Hexagon Puzzle.

Once you have opened up the gate, you can either loot the Valley to get more items or head back to the Hexagon Puzzle gate, where enemies will no longer follow you.

Making way to the Village Chief’s Manor

Once you have solved the Hexagon Puzzle, enter the gate and you will need to continue making your way to the Village Chief’s Manor.

Before proceeding, look above you to the right and there will be a bell that you can shoot to get an Alexandrite gemstone.

Continue making your way to the left where 3 villagers will attack you and be sure to enter the crawlspace on the left.

Next area is a shed that has a Green Herb

The next area will have a shed that has a Green Herb and one of the Wind-Up Dolls, which is one of the 16 dolls that need to be destroyed to get the Primal Knife sometime later in the game.

There is also a nearby well that has a bell you can destroy to get a Pearl Pendant but be sure to break the wooden part to close it or it will become a Dirty Pearl Pendant. (lower value)

Be sure not to use your weapons in this part as it will alert a nearby Chainsaw Villager, which can give you a hard time.

Getting pas the Chainsaw Villager near to him is an explosive trap

After getting everything you need in the area, head up the steps but be sure to sneak to the left and get ready to run past the Chainsaw Villager.

You can fight the Chainsaw Villager if you want but there will be other enemies that appear behind you, which makes it best to advance first.

There is an explosive trap near the Chainsaw Village and you can rush up to it and crouch to go under, which will cause him to follow and get blown up.

Killing the Chainsaw Villager may get you a gemstone, which in this case we got an Emerald after blowing him up and shooting him in the head with the M1903 Rifle.

Making way to the side of the manor

Take a left once you reach the Village Chief’s Manor and watch out for the bear traps on the ground but don’t be fooled as only a few have been set off.

Continue making your way to the side of the manor and you will be able to enter a door where you will no longer be followed by any remaining enemies.

Once you enter the door, watch out for the first door on the left as there is a villager inside in the bathroom who will attack you later.

The building that you enter is the Village Chief’s Manor, where you will need to look for a key that allows you to enter the church back at the Village Square.

Heading past the stairs to go into the hallway

Head past the stairs and go into the hallway where there is a cabinet near some windows, which is where you need to solve the Combination Lock Puzzle.

The hint for solving the Combination Lock Puzzle can be found upstairs by reading a book about the Iluminados.

Keep in mind that there is a Typewriter on the left after you head up the stairs if you need to save your game or access your storage.

Solving the Combination Lock Puzzle

After solving the Combination Lock Puzzle and opening the cabinet, you will need to take the Crystal Marble that is inside and head upstairs.

This will cause the villager that was in the bathroom to head toward you, even if you already killed him and this will most likely be because of the Las Plagas parasite inside him.

No need to worry though, you can kill him with a few shots and continue making your way upstairs to the door with a slot for the Crystal Marble.

Grabbing the Insignia Key in the room

Heading upstairs will lead you to a door that has a slot for the Crystal Marble that you have obtained from the Combination Lock Puzzle.

The Marble Puzzle can be solved by placing the Crystal Marble and aligning the pellets to form the shape of the Iluminados insignia.

Once you have completed the Marble Puzzle, head inside the room and grab the Insignia Key to start a cutscene that ends Chapter 2.

The cutscene shows Leon being ambushed by the large man again and almost strangled to death but this is prevented by someone interfering.

Mentionable Loot in Chapter 2

1) Starting Area (Abandoned Factory)

  • Kitchen Knife on dead villager
  • Handgun Ammo in the furnace to the left (Abandoned Factory)
  • Sapphire in the furnace to the right (Abandoned Factory)

2) Beyond the Valley Gate (Valley)

  • Yellow Herb in the first building to the left (Valley)
  • First Aid Spray in the first building to the left (Valley)
  • Flash Grenade inside of locker (Valley)
  • Resources S inside of locker (Valley)
  • Small Key inside of the small box (Valley)
  • Spinel from shooting Bell under a bridge (Valley)
  • Ruby in a chest near the gate valve (Valley)

3) Back at the Factory (Abandoned Factory)

  • Elegant Mask in gear room drawer – needs Small Key

4) Past the Hexagon Puzzle (Abandoned Factory)

  • Resources L through crawl space
  • Sapphire in the chest through the crawl space
  • Green Herb in the shed near well
  • Scribble About Dolls File
  • Pearl Pendant (Dirty if you don’t close well)

5) Inside The Manor (Village Chief’s Manor)

  • Small Key in the corner near the door
  • Photo of a Family File on the table
  • Kitchen Knife inside cupboard
  • 1,000 Pesetas on the table next to Combination Lock Puzzle
  • Iluminados 4:3 File on the table past the stairs

6) Village Chief’s Room (Village Chief’s Manor)

  • Village Records Vol. 3 File on table
  • Handgun Ammo on top of papers
  • Insignia Key (Ends Chapter)

VerdictLeon was knocked back and strangled by Bitores Mendez

Chapter 2 may have been a bit more difficult due to the puzzle and heaps of enemies in the Valley but eventually, you were able to reach the Village Chief’s Manor.

Unfortunately, you had another run-in with the big guy, who is later known to be Bitores Mendez and you get knocked back and strangled.

Luckily a woman (Ada Wong) helps you out by shooting Bitores Mendez and he later leaves you alive, picking up his hat and walking away.

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